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Our People - our staff

Graham Colls - chief executive
telephone 01305 216010
Email Graham

Graham is responsible for the smooth running of Magna Housing.

Steve Fraser - finance director
telephone 01305 216
Email Steve

Steve is responsible for the finance and IT at Magna Housing.

Tony Murray – housing director
telephone 01984 635102
Email Tony

Tony is responsible for all the housing services that Magna provides to its residents.    The areas of work are managed by two heads of department: Christine and Barbara.

David Aldwinckle – property director
telephone 01305 214085
Email David

David is responsible for all the repairs and asset management services that Magna provides to its residents.    These areas of work are managed by two heads of department: Trea and Yogesh.

David is also responsible for our development programme.  Paul Read is our head of development.

Operational heads of service and their departments

Christine Boland – head of housing services
telephone 01984 635132
Email Christine

Christine is in charge of all the housing officers and anything to do with our housing services.  She has five managers who help carry out the work:

Sue Rogers - income manager (T:01984 635110; Email Sue)
Sharon Ball - customer services manager (T: 01305 216073; Email Sharon)
Josie Watson - area housing manager -  community safety (T: 01305 216030; Email Josie)
John Wilmot - area housing manager - Dorset (T:01305 216035; Email John)
Amanda Shirani - area housing manager - Somerset (T:01984 635111 Email Amanda)

Karen Pomeroy manages the team which allocates homes to new residents:
(T: 01305 216064 Email Karen)

Jude Wilkins – temporary head of sheltered housing and support services
telephone 01984 635104
Email Jude

Jude manages our sheltered and supported housing schemes.  She also manages our support services.  She has two managers who work with her to manage sheltered housing:

Darlene Ford - Dorset (T: 01308 428409; Email Darlene)
Sally Pluck - Somerset (T: ; Email Sally)

There are two managers for support services:

Julie Harvey - Devon and Dorset (T: 07977 175090; Email Julie)
Christine Bulpin - Somerset (T: 01984 635104; Email Christine)

Barbara also has three other managers:
Nick Hill - project manager (T: 01305 216058; Email Nick)
Ian Wood - specialist support manager (01984 635125; Email Ian)

Trea Murphy – head of maintenance services
telephone 01305 214005
Email Trea

Trea’s team is responsible for the day to day repairs which are carried out as well as planned work (eg new bathrooms and kitchens) and repairs to properties when they become vacant before they are let again.  Trea is also responsible for our estate services team.

Yogesh Vadgama – head of asset management
telephone 01305 214060
Email Yogesh

Yogesh’s team manage the planned and cyclical repairs such as new kitchens and bathrooms or planned painting programmes as well as other aspects of asset management.

Paul Read - head of development
telephone 01305 214034
Email Paul

Paul's team is responsible for our programme of new build homes for rent or for sale through shared ownership.



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