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Compliments received

Listed below, are just some of the compliments that we have received recently.

Download a copy of our Compliments procedure.

Our recent compliments


Help with shopping

Tenant phoned to say she was very, very pleased with all the shopping she had been helped with and said the service was worth every penny!  (March 2018) 

Successful claim

A tenant wanted to say a big thank you to Martyn Hopkins for his help in filling in forms and sorting things out, which enabled him to be awarded mobility on his PIP claim.  (March 2018) 

Five stars for Saima!

A mystery shopper emailed in following contact with Saima Daniel: "she was very good - patient and friendly and answered all my questions without making me feel I was being annoying! So that's five stars for Saima today".  (March 2018) 

High praise for Jasmine

Tenants phoned in to express how pleased they were with Jasmine Langdon whilst covering her manager. They said she had been outstanding and dealt with everything in an extremely efficient way. They could not praise her enough.  (March 2018)

Worth every penny

A tenant phoned to say she was very, very pleased with all the shopping she had been helped with and said the service was worth every penny!  (March 2018) 

The personal touch

Resident phoned to say thank you to Magna for helping sort out recent problems with phones being out of action and Careline. Christine Bulpin personally visited and sorted the issue out and phone line was restored first thing the next morning. It made such a difference knowing someone was there.  Also includes a thanks for all meals on wheels team who are such a cheerful lot. "You do a wonderful job for us oldies!!"  (March 2018)

Homehelp service

We received a call from a resident in Timberscombe. She was full of praise for the Homehelp service that she has had so far, and she wanted to discuss booking more regularly.  (March 2018) 

Great paint job

A resident phoned to say what a pleasant two people Dave and Darren were when painting their rooms.  They were very tidy and left the place neat and the walls and ceiling - they did a good job so a big thank you to both of them.  (March 2018) 

Help at home

A resident phoned Bridie Screen to thank her for everything she had done for her. This included helping with a referral to Adult Social Services to look at getting steps to help getting in the bath, discussing the potential to downsize, different repair options to help mobility around the house.  (March 2018) 

Great team!

Several Somerset tenants had passed on through their support officer how helpful, professional, competent and supportive the support services team is. They are always quick off the mark, responding within a week, sometimes less.  They keep up good communication with the support officer, which is extremely helpful particularly when they are working together with tenants who are not very good at communicating for a variety of reasons.  “They are fantastic team players and we are lucky to have them!”  (February 2018)

Thanks Ella!

A resident came into reception to make a payment to clear quite a substantial debt after discussions and help from Ella Thorpe. The parents of the resident complimented Ella on her work, knowledge and professionalism. They said Ella was efficient and a pleasure to deal with.  (February 2018)

Thanks Pip!

Just wanted to say a massive thank You to Pip the plumber who came out today to fix our blocked toilet. It was a very grim job for him so Big Thank You.  (February 2018)

Nice and polite

One of our residents called to say how nice and polite and helpful our staff were when servicing the air source unit. She said she is aware that people can be quick to ring up and complain so she wanted to take the time to say thank you.  (February 2018)

A compliment in rhyme!

If you have a problem, then Magna is for you, The staff will always try to help, and do a great job too. Quick and friendly are the lads, on them you can rely, just a phone call away will give a good reply.
(February 2018)

Thanks for gate and fence panels

Big thank you to Chris who fitted a 6 foot gate and 4 panels for me a few weeks back, he was very polite and done an amazing job considering he did the job on his own, I’m well happy with the new gate and panels. Thank you  (February 2018)

New boiler

Would like to say a massive thank you to us and especially CHG for getting the boiler up and running last Friday, especially before the freezing weather over the weekend. The lads were kind and curtious.  (February 2018)

New kitchen

I would just like to say a big thank you to you and the others for giving me such a magnificent kitchen. The fitters all worked so very hard. Magna can be very proud of the men and women they have working for them.  (February 2018)

New radiators

To compliment Cameron Saunders who changed 2 radiators at a tenant's house. She is delighted with the difference it has made to her house and how warm it is, and has complimented Cam on his work and how polite and professional he was.  Thanks for everything, you have done an amazing job. (February 2018)

Fantastic Service

A resident wanted to let us know how wonderful we had been and in particular the support received from Ian Wood, Martyn Hopkins, Sally Pluck and Shelley Goodwill. She said the service offered is fantastic and nothing is too much trouble! She also wanted to thank Magna for the opportunity of living in a Magna property.  (January 2018) 

Ceiling repairs

I have just had completed some repairs to my ceiling in my lounge.  The work took three consecutive weeks and was undertaken by "Rick" one of your regular painting crew. His work was exemplary. He was always punctual, respectful and tidy throughout the three weeks that it took to complete. Please convey my gratitude and sincere admiration for his dedication to the task that he had been assigned. I hope that all Magna operatives are as diligent and thorough as seen in the workmanship of Rick.  (January 2018)

Thanks for donation!

Neil Bliss had recently arranged a £500 cheque donation towards the Dorchester Disabled Club. A member thanked Neil and said it was really appreciated and the kind thought behind it and will subsidise the cost of shopping trips which are essential and needed.  (January 2018) 

Deep clean

Darren Tuttle did a recent partial deep clean of resident's kitchen. They wanted to say he did a really good job and the tenants are really pleased!  (January 2018) 

Thank you, Bob! 

A resident e-mailed Bob Roberts to thank him for all his help and support particularly over the past few months. Bob helped with the resident understanding of situations much better and give her hope that one day she would be able to move with her family to a better property for them and also helping to support repair issues out.  (January 2018) 

Help with house

Resident wanted to thank Bob Roberts, housing officer, for all his help and support particularly over the last few months. Bob had helped progress ongoing repairs and mould issues and also to help understand about the housing situation and trying to move.  (January 2018) 

Thanks Wendy!

Resident called to say how wonderful Wendy Sorrell had been over the last few weeks while resident had been unwell. She wanted Magna to know but also said she had been in her property for 3 years and Magna had been very good to her and she wanted to say thank you!  (January 2018) 

Good food

Resident now moving into a care home but would like to thank the meals service and Ingrams for the meals she has received The food was very good and is definitely worth having the meals service.  Thanks to the chefs.  (January 2018) 

Boiler fix

After being away for Christmas and the New Year, a sheltered resident found there was an issue with her hot water and boiler leaking. Sally Pluck and Shelley Goodwill ensured Somerset Gas came out and fixed the issue with the boiler as soon as possible and the mess was cleared up under the boiler: "thank you both for the quick and efficient solution to the problem. Both mother and I are delighted. Also, thank you for putting the heating on for when mother returned".  (January 2018) 

Nice new kitchen

A thoroughly professional job installing my new kitchen. The standard of work, the care and precision coupled with the cleanliness throughout were all top class and the end result faultless. A special thank you to Adam, the main contractor, who could not have done more to ensure a clean and tidy environment before he left site each night. Thank you all again  (December 2017)


Thank you so so much for everything, these guys here have also been fantastic, they’ve left it absolutely spotless I’m so so thrilled. I’ll be sending a card in to thank you all but I wanted to thank you personally and don’t worry I will look after it. (December 2017)

New bathroom

A resident rang to say thank you very much to you for her bathroom. She is very pleased with it and keeps going up to have a look at it.  (December 2017)

Emergency plumber

I came home at 5:30 to find my boiler not working. I called the out of hours service as prompted. I was dealt with by a very helpful lady who sorted out an emergency plumber. He arrived within an hour and did a very quick and efficient job. He was also really pleasant and I had heating working again by 7pm. Amazing! Thank you Magna.  (December 2018)

Peaceful Christmas

Following a last minute injunction by our community safety team secured against a tenant in Lyme Regis, a resident emailed to thank the team so much for the intervention which ensured all residents had a peaceful Christmas! Residents were all very grateful for all the team's hard work.  (December 2017)

Support officer

One of our residents commented on how nice it was to have a regular support officer once again. "Julie is the best we could have had and she has made such a difference in the time she has been back. Keep her here. The elderly need familiarity and consistency".  (December 2017)

Great new bathroom

Bathroom refurbished by Ian Riley and Josh Riley our apprentice plumber they worked very hard in very difficult circumstances to achieve this work in the allocated time frame. I inspected this job on completion and to say it was to an extremely high standard of finish.  Well done to the guys.  (November 2017)

Overgrown vegetation sorted!

On behalf of residents in Westbridge Park Sherborne I would like to thank Magna for their support in getting the recent overgrown vegetation sorted.  (November 2017)

Best ever housing association!

I think Magna is the best housing association ever. You have put in the most beautiful kitchen for me and I thank you so very much. It's made a big difference to my life. God bless you all (November 2017) 

Lovely flat 

I wish to express grateful thanks to all who were involved in my taking of the tenancy. The flat is lovely.  (November 2017) 

New bed

Thank you to Darren and Mike for the work they did recently to obtain and install a bed for the resident. They went the extra mile and she was very pleased with the service.  (November 2017)  

Thanks Lewis!

Thank you so much to Lewis who did a wonderful job on our garden. Nothing was too much trouble. He is a lovely person and works very hard to get it right. We are very pleased. Well done Lewis and for making our garden so nice for us.  (November 2017) 

Brilliant landlord

A tenant moved out of her home (in Taunton).  Her leaving comments were: it's a lovely house and I will miss it. Thanks for all advice and being brilliant landlords over the years. (November 2017)


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