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Resident spending priorities survey

What were your views?

We involve residents in the work we do so we know we are providing the service you want.  We also use our resources, including money, wisely and carefully, giving the best value for money we can.

In July we sent out a survey to 3,919 residents (by email) to ask for your views on Magna’s spending priorities for 2018/19.

The survey gave a list of possible spending options. We asked residents to indicate whether a particular spending option should have more money spent on it, less money spent on it or the same spent on it. We also asked if there was anything else you thought Magna should spend more money on and anything else we should spend less money on.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.  Please read the full results.

This is a summary of whether most residents said we should spend more, spend less or spend the same and what we plan to do as a result:

What we asked – the spending option

What most residents said

What we will do

Day to day repairs

Spend the same (55%)

We have budgeted £3.1 million for day to day repairs this year and have no plans to change things.

Improvements to our homes

Spend more (67%)

We have budgeted £8.8 million this year for improvements to our homes.  We will take into account your request to spend more when we set our budgets for next year.

Helping people with difficulties to keep their tenancies

Spend the same (51%)

We have a number of staff in our support services team who help our residents with things like budgeting or managing their home.  We plan to carry on doing this next year.

Building new rented homes

Spend more (63%)

We are building 300 new homes for social rent by March 2021. We expect the first of these to be ready next June.

Building new homes for low cost home ownership

Spend the same (39%)

Spend more (37%)

We are building 300 of these as well by March 2021. We also expect the first ones to be ready next June

Reducing our debt

Spend the same (71%)

We are carrying on with our plan to reduce our debt over the coming years whilst still building more homes, carrying out repairs and improving our homes as well as managing lettings and tenancies. 

Helping community projects

Spend the same (51%)

We spend some of our money on things like helping to fund voluntary organisations and putting money towards repairs for community buildings, where there is a benefit for Magna’s residents.  We support the communities we are based in and think it is important we carry on doing this.


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