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October 2103 tenants' conference

Get Involved at Magna!

We are currently reviewing how resident involvement will work in the amalgamated Magna.

This includes having a meeting with our involved residents on 26 May to discuss proposals of how this can be best achieved.

We will be updating our website once a final decision has been made.

Call Neil Bliss, community engagement officer, on 01984 635134 or email him for more information.


Board member

Magna Housing is managed by paid staff who run the day to day operations. It is directed by boards made up of volunteer members. It is the boards which set the overall strategy and specific policies. You do not have to be a resident to be on one of our boards.

For more information on becoming a board member, please contact Elaine Crooke, head of policy, governance and research, in the first instance on 01305 216135, or by email.

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