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Focus groups

We currently have three focus groups that meet regularly to look at services we provide, and how they can be improved. 

These groups will look at their relevant service standards, policies and procedures, statistics, monitoring and scrutinising performance, leaflets and proposed changes to service delivery where appropriate and timely.

Residents can only be on one focus group, although anyone can contribute to any group online.

Please contact Neil Bliss on 01984 635134 or by email for more information or to find out about joining one of the groups.


Housing services

The main topics are antisocial behaviour, tenancies, pet issues, rents, allocations and lettings, home ownership.

The next meeting for this group will be held on 30 January 2018.


Repairs and maintenance

The main topics are repairs, planned work, grounds maintenance, development, garages, caretaking and cleaning.

At their last meeting, on 11 December, the group discussed:

  • Performance statistics - our performance in asset management and maintenance services from April to September was scrutinised and agreed
  • Service standards - the repairs and maintenance, keep you safe in your home and estate management services standards were reviewed and amended
  • A separate 'task and finish' group was agreed to review the Magna Standard and the asset management policy and plan on 20 February.

The next meeting will be held at in March (date TBC) at Monks Year in Ilminster.


Sheltered & support services

The main topics are support, sheltered housing services, social activities, lifeline and other community services, the funding of sheltered housing and supported housing including extra care.

At their last meeting, on 28 November, the group discussed:

  • Fire risk assessments - we are working with the fire services to create a household fire risk assessment. This will be brought to the next meeting
  • Service standards - the sheltered housing and support services service standard was reviewed and agreed to be fit for purpose
  • An update on Dorset County Council funding was given by Tony Murray, housing director.

The next meeting will be held at 10am on 20 March by video link at the Williton and Dorchester offices.


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