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When are we in your area?

We plan to visit all our neighbourhoods regularly during the year. It gives us a chance to see where we need to do any work and it gives you a chance to join members of staff and others (eg local councillors or police) to walk around your area and discuss possible improvements to your neighbourhood or concerns about repairs and neighbourhood issues generally.

Dates for when we will be in your area are published below.  Nearer the date of the visit, look for more information on our Facebook page. 

We may occasionally need to change the date or time of a neighbourhood inspection at the last minute.  We’ll do our best to publish any changes via our website and on Facebook but as an extra precaution, if you are planning on attending all or part of an inspection, we advise you to contact your housing officer the day before on 01305 216060 or emailing  to check.

The next inspections are:



5 September - Dunster: starting at 9:30am at Riverside Gardens

11 September - Minehead (Periton and town): starting at 9:30am at Luttrell Gardens

18 September - Skillgate, Brushford & Brompton Regis: starting at 9:30am at St John's Close in Skillgate

27 September - Watchet (Knights Templar end): starting at 9:30am at Maglands Road



2 October - Minehead (Seaward Way): starting at 9:30am at Sandpiper Close

4 October - Watchet (School Close to Risdon): starting at 9:30am at School Close

9 October - Williton (Townsend to Croftways): starting at 9:30am at Townsend

11 October - Watchet (Kingsland to West Street): starting at 9:30am at Kingsland




7 August - Charmouth, Chideock & Symondsbury: starting at 10am at Nutcome Terrace

7 August - Martinstown & Winterborne Steepleton: starting at 10am at Mallards Green

14 August - Bridport: starting at 10am at Arrowfield

16 August - Frampton: starting at 10.00 am

16 August - Puddletown and villages: starting at 10am at Butt Close

21 August - Yeovil: starting at 10.00 am at Wyndham Park and including Old School House, Hendford Court, Marine Court, The Bartons

23 August - Maiden Newton, Toller Porcorum & Frome Vauchurch: starting at 9:30am at Greenford View

28 August - Bridport: starting at 9:30am at Alexandra Road

30 August - Bradpole & Bridport: starting at 10am at Gore Cross Way



4 September - Weymouth: starting at 10am at Heron Court

4 September - Bridport: starting at 10am at Coronation Road

6 September - Bridport: starting at 10:30am at Orchard Avenue

13 September - Bridport: starting at 10am at St Swithins Court

18 September - Litton Cheney & Puncknowle: starting at 10am at School House Lane

20 September - Netherbury: starting at 10:30am at Neddys Close

25 September - Bridport: starting at 10am at East Street





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