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Electrical testing appointments

Missed appointments cost us over £400 per week! Please be home for your arranged appointment.

It’s our policy to test the electrics in every home, every 8 years, or when there is a change to the home or occupancy.

Electrical regulations change over time. The tests enable us to see where upgrades are required to keep our properties up to current standards and in good condition, up to date with insurance requirements, and our tenants safe.

Access is needed to every switch and socket in the house and usually includes checking in the loft too. The tests usually take between 2 and 4 hours.

It is common to find minor faults that could have deteriorated over time if left unchecked. If anything like this is found we will fix it during the test or arrange a time to come back and fix it.

Common examples of faults we find and fix are cracked plug sockets, out of date smoke alarms and faulty lighting circuits.

We will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit. Please make sure you are home for the arranged appointment. However, it is still important to report any electrical faults to our repairs team, don’t wait for a test.

For more information, or to report an electrical fault, please call our repairs team on 0800 3586025.

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