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Local youth club thriving thanks to support

Dorchester youth club is thriving thanks to donations from Magna Housing, Dorchester Marathon and the town’s car boot fund.

Chris Davies is the chairman for the club. He said: “We took over the running of the club last summer after Dorset County Council was no longer able to fund it.  Since then it really has gone from strength to strength.

“We take children from year 7 upwards and have around 100 come over the course of the week.  We could take more youngsters and we’d be really keen to see some of the older children from year 9 upwards.”

“We also run a youth club for children with special needs every other Saturday.  As far as I know, no one around here does this, so we have people come from as far away as Bournemouth.”

The youth club has all the traditional trappings such as a tuck shop, music and games, but there is so much more to Dorchester Youth Club.

Jay Brown is the youth work manager at the club.  He said: “It’s fantastic to see so many children enjoying themselves so much every week and learning so many new things.

“As well as fun activities we have a structured programme that covers all sorts of other topics to help the children stay safe and well.  For example we cover things like internet safety, drugs and bullying.  We always use age appropriate material and all our staff and trustees are DBS checked so we know the children are always safe.”                                                                                                                                         

Catriona Fountain works at Magna, who donated £500 for furniture.  She said: “I went along to see how the money we donated had been spent.  There were well over sixty children there and they were all clearly really enjoying themselves.  It is good to see that the programme of events also has some educational value too. 

“Magna supports the communities we are based in so we were very pleased we could support the group.”

Cassie, aged 11, said: “The youth club is really good and we do fun activities.  I come with my friends every week and I know everyone else here.”

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