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Magna helps with new roof

The prospect of a new roof for the club house at Lyme Regis Football Club has come a bit closer, thanks to a donation from a Dorset housing association.

Magna Housing, which has property in Lyme Regis, donated £1,500 from its community initiative fund to go towards the work.

Neil Bliss, community engagement officer, said: “We support the communities we are based in and we do as much as we can to support local groups.

‘Lyme Regis Football Club is clearly very important to the town and they need good facilities that they can call their home.’

The money from Magna will cover about a third of the total costs of the new roof and it is hoped that work will be completed before the wet weather sets in in the autumn.

The club is very grateful for the grant from the town council over the next four years, however it also has to raise £12.5k a year to match the grant funding.  They are hoping that some of this will come from the social events they hold.

Howard Larcombe, chairman of the club, said: ‘We hold bingo nights once a month and we also have private parties which help to bring extra money in.

‘We’ve got our sausage and cider festival on July 8, which has always been really well supported in previous years.’

The club has three teams, two of which play in the Devon and Exeter leagues, and four junior teams. 

Howard added: ‘As well as one of the most successful sports clubs, with a very strong spectator following, it is also one of the biggest youth organisations locally as we have about 60 children who play.’

Philip Evans, president of Lyme Regis Football Club, said: ‘My involvement with the club goes back over 55 years so it is very dear to me.  I was football mad as a kid and carried on playing for as long as I could before I became chairman for ten years and, after that, president for last 6 years.

‘This is a family club and we have generation after generation of the same family playing here.

‘Our ground is restricted because of the cliffs, so we can’t make our pitch any larger which means we can’t go up to the next league, no matter how well the team plays. 

Teams who play at a lower level don’t get so much funding from the FA so we are particularly grateful to Magna for their support.’

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