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Magna to be top class developer

Magna Housing told suppliers that high quality, affordable new homes were a priority when it launched its development programme at a recent conference.

Anthony Sherriff (left) and Paul Read (right)

Around 30 suppliers came together for the one day conference to discuss how they could best support Magna in its aim to build quality homes that were affordable for residents and had the lowest possible maintenance costs.

Paul Read, head of development at Magna said: “We wanted to bring everyone together as early on in the process as we possibly could so we could get their engagement and expertise.

“People from all parts of the development process joined us including architects, building suppliers and construction companies.

Trea Murphy, head of maintenance services, spoke about the importance of creating homes for residents with low running costs and service charges.  She said: “We know that residents who are renting a property want a quality home which is warm and comfortable to live in, easily repaired and is fixed right first time when things go wrong.  By addressing these at the design stage we can more easily achieve all this.

“Residents tell us as well that green areas, trees and properly thought through parking and refuse strategies are very important, so we want to work with our suppliers to make sure these things are included.”

The event included presentations from key staff as well as round table discussions from the delegates.

Anthony Sherriff, associate architect from WYG Group, said: “It’s great that Magna recognises that early engagement with suppliers and collaboration are key to good design.

“During discussions we came up with lots of ideas, for example by investing more in building the property, we think we could reduce the maintenance costs and help lower energy bills for residents.

“We’d also like to see digital records being kept of what works for design and what is not so good, so we can make sure we are keeping the best bits for future designs.”
Paul added: “We had some great discussions where suppliers told us how we can work better with them to improve the homes our residents live in.

“There were great ideas which all related to our key aims of building quality homes, which are affordable for residents and easy for us to maintain at a low cost.”

Rob Pannell, construction quality advisor for NHBC, said: “I think this was an absolutely superb event.  Magna has a great opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper and get it right first time when it comes to building new homes.

“With the drive and enthusiasm in the company, I’m sure we will see Magna as a top class developer in the future.”

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