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Silvermead opens its doors

Residents and staff at Silvermead extra care scheme in Minehead hosted an open afternoon to show off the newly refurbished facilities.

Staff and residents at Silvermead extra care scheme in Minehead

The scheme has had almost £180,000 spent on work to install new facilities and generally improve the look of communal areas.

The work includes installation of a new shower wet room and bathroom with adjustable bath and hoist as well as refurbishment of the communal lounge with new furniture, decoration and carpet.

Graham Chubb is one of the residents at Silvermead.  He said: “I only moved into Silvermead about three months ago, so I didn’t see what it was like before the renovations.  But I think it is really fantastic here.  It’s really good to be so near to other people.  Thank you to Magna for having us here, I like the help and support we get.”
The extra care scheme allows people to live independently at home with 24 hours a day care and support available.

Tracy Gale has lived at Silvermead for five years.  She says it has changed her life: “It’s great having a walk in shower and the new furniture and décor make it really feel like home. 

“I’ve really enjoyed living at Silvermead and it has given me the confidence to think that I could live more independently.”

Another resident who has benefited from his time at Silvermead is Paul Tuck who was very keen to show off his incredible collection of things related to Manchester United which were proudly displayed around his flat.  He said: “I really struggled where I was living before, but I feel safe here.  I love it.” 

Cllr Keith Turner is the portfolio holder for housing, health and well-being for West Somerset Council. He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon looking around Silvermead.   The facilities here really are very good and I’m really impressed, particularly with the large bath which goes up and down.

“West Somerset Council are proud to have a close relationship with Magna.  Magna does everything possible to make the lives of their tenants as comfortable and safe as possible. That was obvious from the remarks that were made by the tenants who are living there. The scheme at Silvermead is an excellent example of care and understanding of the needs of tenants who need that little bit extra.”

Sally Pluck, sheltered housing manager, said: “The scheme incorporates a number of features that make the accommodation more suitable for those who need it.  For example, all the corridors now have hand rails. 

“We took professional advice on the colour scheme when planning the work, so the carpet is solid black.  It may sound dreary, but it helps people with dementia to walk more easily as lighter, patterned carpets often cause them to see potholes in the carpet and stumble. 

“We’ve even put picture frames on the doors to the flats so residents can put their own picture on their door to help them recognise it more easily.”

Graham Colls, chief executive at Magna, said: “I am particularly pleased with the work that has been done as my mother moved into a brand new scheme and really benefitted from it.”

Anyone who wants to be considered for extra care housing such as Silvermead needs to get a referral from Adult Social Care, but they can contact Magna for further advice.

Sally added: “Recently there has not been a waiting list for extra care housing.  Although it is strictly allocated according to need, if anyone feels they, or a relative, would benefit, they should get in touch with us.”

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