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Work placements at Magna

Did you know that Magna provides work placements to students looking to gain some work experience in the school holidays or after their exams?

Our latest work placement is Tom Easby. Our communication manager caught up with him at the end of his placement to see how he got on… 

Tell me a bit about yourself.

“I’m 18, I live in Weymouth, and I’ve just finished sixth form at Budmouth College. I studied geology, geography and drama and I’m interested in housing.”

What brings you to Magna?

“I’ve not really had any idea what I want to do when I leave school, so when an opportunity to have a work placement at Magna came up, I thought it would be worth trying.”

What have you been doing on your placement?

“I’ve done so much in the last two weeks! I’ve visited tenants and their properties, taken part in stock conditioning surveys, shadowed several members of the asset management team on their day to day duties and of course, a little bit of admin!

“My favourite part was visiting the new development in Sydling St Nicholas. It was great to see the whole new build process and understand what is involved.”

What would you say to other people your age leaving school or thinking of doing some work experience in the school holidays?

“A work placement is really beneficial. You will learn so much that will stay with you, even if the role isn’t something you choose to do in the future, it’s good experience.  Two weeks has been great, but if you get the chance, stay longer. Three or four weeks would be ideal as it would give you the time to be involved in more things.”

What’s next for you?

“I was unsure what to do in the future, but this has given me a path to go down, which is housing.  I have really enjoyed it here and would love to stay. I’ve seen on their intranet that there is a vacancy in the team, so I will certainly be applying for it! It would be a great place to work.”

Becky Alford, project surveyor, has been Tom’s mentor for the two weeks. Tom spoke very highly of her, saying: “Becky has really helped and supported me while I’ve been here. She’s been a great mentor.”

In return, Becky added: “Tom has demonstrated an eagerness to learn, enthusiasm and curiosity.  It has been a real pleasure having him with us in asset management for the past two weeks.”
If you are thinking of getting some work experience, or know someone who would, contact the HR department at Magna and they will discuss with you the opportunities available.  Call 01305 216039 or email

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