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Building new homes

We are committed to building new homesWe partner with others to create great places where people choose to live, with the right homes, of the right quality, in the right place. We provide homes that are affordable to rent or to buy to meet the needs of those in our communities, whatever their requirement.  

We are working with Rollalong, a local offsite constructor, to provide high quality modular homes. This modern method of construction (MMC) helps eliminate the gap between predicted and actual performance, has environmental benefits and provides a higher quality final product. 

We are actively buying land for redevelopment, securing planning consents and working with consultants and contractors to build our new homes. 

We are part of Partnership South West, giving us access to grants from the government and we work with local authorities across our Dorset and Somerset, combing our resources to deliver new homes. 

For regular updates, follow the development team on Twitter with the hashtag #MagnaBuilds  

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