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Our business

The work we do is guided by our purpose, our strategic objectives and our behaviours.

Our Purpose is why we exist:

To help people meet their housing needs.

Our Strategic Objectives are what we set out to do:

  1. To provide high quality housing and services.
  2. To have good leadership and governance.
  3. To achieve value for money in the use of our resources.
  4. To develop, motivate and reward staff to achieve, innovate and take responsibility.
  5. To achieve the best mix of risk, prudence, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in our finances.

Our Behaviours describe how we do what we do:

We are committed to Magna and its customers
We are passionate about performance
We lead by example

Our Strategy sets out our Strategic Targets.  These are the clear and measurable actions we plan to carry out in order to achieve our Strategic Objectives.



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