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How Magna Provides Value for Money in Achieving its Purpose and Objectives

Until 1 April 2018, when a new Value for Money Standard was introduced, the Regulator of Social Housing required all housing associations like Magna to publish annually a ‘… robust self-assessment which sets out in a way that is transparent and accessible to stakeholders how [we] are achieving value for money in delivering [our] purpose and objectives’. 

This assessment had to enable stakeholders to understand the return on assets measured against Magna’s objectives; set out the absolute and comparative costs of providing specific services; and evidence Value for Money (VfM) gains and how they have been, and will be, achieved. You can read the last self-assessment we published here:

Open the full Value for Money 2016/17 Report

 Since April 2018 we have published value for money information in our annual report and financial statements. This includes performance against our targets and metrics set by the regulator, and our plans to address any areas where we are not performing. You can read our latest annual report and financial statements here.



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