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Using Browsealoud software

Our website has a piece of software called Browsealoud on it which adds speech, reading and translation to our website.

It is specifically designed to help people with Dyslexia, low literacy, English as a second language and for people with mild visual impairments.  One of the many features of Browesaloud is the reading mask.

To access Browsealoud, simply click on the headphone with a b icon at the bottom left hand side of each page. From here, hover your cursor over the text you want read aloud and Browsealoud will read it to you.  This feature is on automatically. 

Other features such as translation, text magnifier and page simplifier can be accessed by clicking on icons within the toolbar (shown below) – if you roll your mouse over each icon a description will appear describing what the feature does.

The settings enables the user to change the highlight theme, voice speed, screen mask settings, and text magnifier size, when using Browsealoud. 

The remove clutter from the screen option allows the user to just see the text and from there you can increase the text size and change the background and text colour. 

The tinted mask is another tool that is helpful for dyslexia, it highlights the section that the user is reading.

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