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Housing benefits and supporting people

If you are on a low income or in receipt of benefits, or if your circumstances have changed, housing benefit may help.  Contact your local council for further information, or the income management team on 01305 216067, or download our information leaflet.

If you live in sheltered housing you may also have a charge for supporting people - for the careline facilities and visits from the sheltered housing officers. 

If you receive housing benefit you will be entitled to supporting people but a claim must be made.  We can help you make a claim but if your housing benefit is paid direct to you then we will be unaware that you are entitled.  If this happens, you could be paying the support part of your charge unnecessarily.

If you are not in receipt of housing benefit you can apply for supporting people benefit by contacting the supporting people team at your local authority.

For more advice or help in making a claim please contact your housing officer.

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