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Mutual Exchange Form

Mutual exchange explanatory notes

Who can exchange?

If you are an assured or fixed term tenant with a registered social landlord (housing association) or a secure or flexible tenant of a local authority, you may have the right to exchange with another assured or secure tenant, providing you have written consent from your landlord and from the landlord of the other tenant.

How do I exchange?

If you want to exchange you need to select another tenant who is willing to exchange properties. Once both parties agree, you must complete an application for a mutual exchange form, and return it to our office. A housing officer will process your application. Exchanges may have more than two parties involved.

Property condition

Before approving the exchange we will inspect your property and advise you on any works that are your responsibility under the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. The exchange cannot proceed until the agreed works have been completed to our satisfaction.

Rent account

If you are in rent arrears or have other outstanding charges against your tenancy, your application to exchange will be postponed until the charges are repaid.

Joint tenancies

If you have a joint tenancy, both (or all) tenants must consent to the exchange.


Once your exchange has been approved you must give at least 14 days’ notice before moving.

Housing benefit

If your new property has a higher rent and you are claiming housing benefit, your full rent may not be covered. You should contact the local authority before making an application.

Application for a Mutual Exchange

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