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Estate services

In estate services we deal with a variety of services which benefit the communal areas across Magna Housing’s schemes.

The team is responsible for the delivery of the following services in accordance with the photo guide.

Grounds Maintenance

We arrange for the communal grass to be cut, hedges and shrub beds to be maintained and for paved areas to be weed sprayed. Our priority is to ensure that the  grass is cut between March and  October, whilst all other tasks are fitted in around this and throughout the year.  Some of our grounds maintenance work is carried out by Magna staff and some is done by external contractors.

Communal Cleaning

The cleaning of internal communal areas may be carried out by our staff or by our contractor, Devon Norse.  The cleaners will sweep, vacuum and mop floors and stairs, clean internal windows and cills, remove cob webs, remove rubbish and clean the stair banisters.

The cleaning of external windows is carried out by our staff or by our contractor.  The window cleaners use a purified water system which attracts the dirt like a magnet.  The windows are then left to dry leaving no smears.

The window cleaning schedule tells you where our contractor will be each week.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our staff attend to the treatment plants as part of a yearly schedule.  The operatives check the running of the plants, remove blockages and report any issues.

Gutter Clearances and Cleaning

The guttering to flats and sheltered properties are cleared yearly to ensure that they are free of blockages.  All other properties are cleared by the repairs department on an ad hoc basis.  The gutter clearances are carried out by Magna staff and our contractor.

Once a year our contractor will wipe down the gutters and fascias whilst their operatives are on site cleaning windows. 


Our caretaking team carry out scheduled and ad hoc site visits to schemes.

The caretakers carry out tasks such as;
Monthly health and safety checks to general needs properties
Testing of fire alarms and emergency lights
Litter picks
Removal of graffiti
Reporting repairs
Removal of fly tipping


Every 2 – 3 years we aim to appoint a specialist tree surveying company to conduct a full survey of all our communal trees.  Any remedial works and recommendations arising from these surveys are followed up. Between the specialist surveys Magna’s estate services team carry out visual inspections to communal trees when visiting the sites. 

Trees within individual gardens are the responsibility of the resident.  However, we can carry out tree inspections when requested, free of charge.

Estate Improvements

We employ a small team who carry out external improvement works such as rebuilding walls, erecting communal fencing and  lifting and re-bedding of communal paving slabs.  These works benefit the scheme and communities.

If you have any queries please contact us.

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