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Your Fixed Term Tenancy Review

A new tenancy will be granted at the end of your current fixed term unless your circumstances have changed from the time the tenancy was issued.

Your Housing Officer will look at the following criteria to see if your home is still suitable:

  • Size – where properties are larger than the household reasonably requires;
  • Charitable objectives – if a household’s income or other circumstances have changed to such an extent that you are no longer eligible to be charitable beneficiaries;
  • Extensive adaptations – if the current property has extensive adaptations that the current occupants no longer require;
  • Serious and/or persistent breaches of the tenancy agreement - such as    ASB, arrears or other housing-related debts;
  • Failure to co-operate in the fixed term tenancy review process;
  •  Suitability of property – if the property/services/facilities are no longer suitable we will not grant a new tenancy in the same property, but may grant a tenancy in a more suitable property. 


If you require any further information or have any questions regarding your tenancy or the review process contact Tenancy Services on 01305 216060.

For more housing options advice contact your local authority;        

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