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Chargeable works

While the rent you pay to Magna covers many services, there are some services that are not included which you have to pay for separately.  These are called chargeable works. 

This includes repairs that we carry out and re-charge you for (called rechargeable repairs).
As a resident, you have a responsibility to keep the inside of your home in a good and clean condition, as well as carrying out certain basic repairs and maintenance within your home. Any deliberate or accidental damage, neglect or misuse of a property or fixtures and fittings which belong to Magna is your responsibility to repair.
We identify rechargeable repairs through pre-termination or mutual exchange inspections, when you report a repair, during surveys, when trade operatives undertake repairs and via home visits by housing staff.
In some circumstances we can carry out repairs and replacements listed under your repair responsibilities for you. You will then need to pay the costs including VAT and an administration fee.
Magna will re-charge for emergency call outs that turn out not to be a genuine emergency.
Where possible we will advise you of the cost in advance.

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