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Gas servicing

We carry out a gas safety check every year of all of our properties that have a gas appliance or gas meter.

Some gas appliances require ventilated air to work safely therefore, please do not obstruct the fresh air vent in your home.

If your home has gas heating or hot water appliance it needs to be checked and serviced every year. This is a legal requirement for us, as your landlord, and we must be allowed access to complete this vital work.

Our gas servicing contractors will write to you eight weeks before the annual safety check and service is due. If the date of the appointment is not convenient, you can call the telephone number provided and re-arrange it.

If you fail to keep an appointment and the annual safety check and service is overdue, we will have to take legal action to gain access and complete the service. If this happens you may be charged for the costs incurred.

The vast majority of residents make, and keep their appointments and thanks to this we have an excellent gas service and safety record.  Thank you for helping us to keep you and your neighbours safe.  

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