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First time right

We try hard to ensure that we provide you the best service possible. We know that when you report a repair you want us to do it quickly and do it right without having to have multiple visits and have to wait in time after time for a repair to be completed.

To monitor how good we are at this we measure the number of repairs that we complete first time right as a percentage of the total number of repairs completed in a period of time.

'Right' is normally defined as completed to the satisfaction of the tenant.

'First time' is defined as completed by the repairs operative during the allocated appointment slot, without the need to return a further time because the repair was inaccurately diagnosed and/or the operative did not fix the problem.

Where the job requires multiple trades who may follow on from each other, then the work would still be considered completed first time right unless you had to call the operative back because the repair had not been completed correctly and we had to make a further visit to finish the repair.

If you fail to allow us access to your home, this will not be counted as a first visit.

Pre-inspections are excluded from the data we use to measure our performance.

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