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Right to buy

Thinking of buying your own home?

There are several different ways in which you can potentially own your home, as well as conditions that have to be met to enable the purchase to go ahead.  This leaflet gives a brief overview of the options available.  If you require further information or would like to make an application to purchase your home please call the Legal Administrator on 01305 216008. 

This is only applicable to current Dorset tenants who were tenants of West Dorset District Council before 27 May 1993 and current Somerset tenants who were tenants of West Somerset District Council before 30 March 1998.

All applicants must have been council tenants before the above transfer dates and remained Magna tenants since the transfer.  Your tenancy must have been continuous with no gaps.

If you have been an assured or secure tenant for at least three years, you may be eligible to buy through this scheme. 

To be eligible your home must have been built by Magna, acquired or transferred to us after 1 April 1997 using grant funding.  Also, it must not be located in an exempt area as set by the government.

This is a scheme which was suggested by the current Government as a new way of tenants being able to purchase their homes. The scheme has not been launched yet as trials are currently taking place around the country.  Magna are awaiting further details from the Government, but they may not make a decision until 2020 as to whether or not to introduce this scheme.  Magna do not hold any further information on the potential scheme but when further information is provided Magna will advise you further.



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