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Results of consultation on North Quay, Weymouth

We held consultation events on 16 and 17 January to find out what residents thought of our plans to develop the site of the former council offices at North Quay, Weymouth.

We presented a bid proposal comprising of 75 homes for rent and shared ownership and 50 homes exclusively for older people. The bid retains some parking for the wider community and a community facing commercial space associated with the older person housing.

You can read the full comments here.

We presented four different potential layouts (listed below with the proportion in favour):

layout 1 - historic street - 53.8%

layout 2 - harbour views - 15.4%

layout 3 - finger blocks - 8.7%

layout 4 - pedestrian street - 22.1%

The other outline results are shown below:     

 Do you like Magna’s proposal? 

Yes - 68.6%
No - 33.2%

Do you think the mix of shared ownership and rented homes is about right?

Yes - 61.26%
No - 38.7%

Do you think these homes will be affordable to local people?

Yes - 62.2%
No - 37.8%

Do you think some space open to the community to use would be good here?

Yes - 76.7%
No - 23.3%

 Would you like to see the following?

Leisure facilities55.4%44.6%
Retail units (shops)55.2%44.8%

We are aware of the local interest in archaeology, road network, design options, flood risk and parking. Please could you rank these in order of importance to you. Select '1' for your most important issue, '2' for the next and so on. Select '5' for the least important issue to you. Please only select each number once.

Archaeology59   30293942
Road Network2554564121
Design Options7258261923
Flood risk3034285051

Concerns weighted chart

The chart below shows the results of the concerns (local interest) question weighted by priority. I.e. 1 has been weighted as 5, 2 as 4 and so on. This gives a total score for each, which is displayed in the chart above.



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