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Could you train as a mediator?

Devon Mediation (which operates in Somerset as well as Devon) is looking for new volunteers in Somerset to facilitate community mediation to neighbours or communities in dispute. Most cases are referred by local authorities, the police and housing associations.

Disputes arise because of noise, children’s behaviour, harassment, abuse and other causes.

Mediation is voluntary, confidential and impartial. Mediators working in pairs initially meet the parties individually to hear about the problems and how they might be resolved and, with the parties’ consent, arrange a face to face meeting.  

During this meeting the mediators will give everyone the opportunity to present his/her point of view and they will help identify common ground.  Most joint meetings result in an agreement, either written or verbal.  

No specific experience or qualifications are needed other than an interest in people and the ability and patience to listen. Mediators are expected to be available for 6 or so hours a month. The hours are flexible and at your convenience. New mediators initially work with an experienced mediator and are expected to attend a vocational training course over three weekends: 1/2 June, 15/16 June and 6/7 July 2019. The training fees are covered by the service. All the mediators are volunteers. Case related travel and out-of-pocket expenses are paid.

Being a mediator is both interesting and challenging. If you are interested in becoming a mediator, please contact Devon Mediation Service, the Red House, St Lawrence Green, Crediton, telephone 01363 777734, e-mail: for an information pack. You can also visit our website at:

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