This week is ASB Awareness Week, and we’d like to share some of the work we’re doing to ensure that our local communities remain a safe and friendly place for our customers to live.

We’re firmly committed to tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB), and we follow up on every case that gets reported in confidence and offer as much support as we can. But we understand that getting the right result can often be a lengthy and frustrating process.

That’s why we joined up with Resolve, an organisation who have a strong focus on effectively tackling anti-social behaviour and community safety and asked them to review our community safety service to help us improve the way we handle ASB in our local communities.

Following this, we reviewed our ASB policy and procedures with the support and input of our customers and set out clear criteria to ensure the policy is fit for purpose, more relevant, and easier to understand. We’re also seeking accreditation from the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance, which is the gold standard surrounding ASB for housing professionals.

Glyn John, Community Safety Officer at Magna, said “The safety of our customers and our colleagues is always our main priority, and we work hard to try and ensure that everyone can feel safe in their local community. We will continue to work with our partner agencies, building strong relationships with them to ensure a holistic approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour. Whilst we will always try to help our communities, we will also be ensuring that our colleagues are protected as well and have introduced a new unacceptable customer behaviour policy.”

You can read our latest ASB policy by clicking here.

For more information about what classes as ASB, click here.