We’ve been employing apprentices for some time, as it is a great way to bring new skills and talent into the organisation and we want to help people get onto the employment ladder. We currently we have 20 apprentices working across the organisation, studying for qualifications in subjects as diverse as business administration, plumbing, carpentry, management, digital media, surveying, HR support and horticulture. We’re great at supporting our apprentices and it was great to hear Danielle’s comments about her experience as an apprentice HR administrator

“Since my very first day everyone has been welcoming and helpful. I quickly gained experience in all aspects of HR, Learning & Development & Payroll, and have a good understanding of how the wider organisation works so well together.”

However until now we have only recruited these roles at departmental level, on an as and when basis, however this year we are going to recruit a group of apprentices at the same time to try something new; instead of their role being in just one department, we will give them the opportunity to work in a number of different areas. This will help them understand how we work together as a team and help them to gain as much experience as possible to help build our future workforce.

They will be recruited and inducted together as a team and will come together to support each other on a regular basis. They will also be assigned mentors to support them in each area they work in.

So we’re about to recruit apprentices for business administration, painting & decorating and property maintenance to work within our maintenance services, asset management & development teams. These apprentices will be joining us at a really exciting time. Our new strategy is being developed, our new housing system is about to transform every aspect of our customer experience and we’re putting in place a people strategy to ensure that we are the place where talented and ambitious people enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers in an inspirational environment. There’s a lot going on and a lot to get involved in to make a real difference to our customers.

I’d like to end with this quote from Sam, an apprentice electrician, who sums up nicely what it’s like to work here

“I have really enjoyed my first year at Magna. There’s always a really positive atmosphere; and I have never left work feeling down or stressed. It is a great place to be an apprentice, and there are lots of opportunities to learn a variety of skills with different people. I have had great support and mentoring with my learning, especially from my colleague who used to teach apprentices in college. This has been very advantageous as it allows me to get ahead of the game, and I can also resolve difficult situations with the correct guidance.

"I’d fully recommend joining Magna if you are interested in learning a trade, because I think the support available and opportunities to learn different things is vital if you want to have the best start to your new career”.

We’ll keep you posted on how we get on but it would be great to hear how you are thinking about apprentices in your organisations.