This week is Home Fire Safety Week, and we’d like to highlight the important work we do to keep our customers safe in their homes.

Fire is one of the biggest risks at home. To reduce this risk, we service our customers’ boilers every year, test their electrics every five years, regularly maintain fire doors, and much more. We also provide customers with lots of information and resources to help them keep their home safe from fire hazards.

Stephanie Lloyd-Foxe, Interim Head of Building Safety & Compliance at Magna, said:

“We are dedicating significant resources to ensuring that our customers have the best early detection in the event of fire, as we know that detection saves lives, as well as ensuring that we minimise fire spread should the worst happen by upgrading compartmentation and ensuring that all our fire doors work as they should. We are also retrofitting sprinklers to a number of our blocks and trialling the use of emerging technology.

However, an equally vital role that we can play in reducing injury and death from fire comes from prevention. That’s why I fully support Home Fire Safety Week which aims to raise awareness of the causes of fire and give people information on steps they can take that help prevent fires occurring.

In addition to common risks such as cooking and smoking, there are new emerging risks that people may not have considered such as fires caused by an ever-increasing range of electronic equipment and lithium-ion batteries commonly found in electric bikes and scooters, and mobility scooters, all of which have seen a rapid increase in recent years.

We tend to have focused on creating safe buildings, but as a sector we need to put people at the heart of our approach to ensure that they can safely enjoy their homes. To do this we need to involve customers in decisions we take about their safety and ensure that they are informed and involved in working together to reduce fire safety risks.”

You can learn more about our approach to fire safety by clicking here.