Are you interested in shaping our future homes? Or making our current ones greener?

The annual south west design conference, on Thursday 21 October, will be focusing on biodiversity, climate change and wider environmental issues both for our new and current homes.

We’ll be having two ‘hubs’ in our offices - one at Roughmoor in Williton and one at Everdene House in Dorchester, if you wanted to join the discussion in person. Or you can join the conference online at home if you prefer. This will link with other customers around the area at neighbouring housing associations so we can start to get a great understanding of your priorities for the future.

The event will be 10.30am to 3.30pm and lunch and refreshments will be provided at the hubs. Transport can be arranged if needed. More details of the day coming soon!

If you're interested in booking a space and joining up with other housing association customers, contact Neil Bliss, Customer and Community Involvement Officer, by emailing before 8 October. It would be helpful to know if you want to attend in person at Williton or Dorchester, or whether you want to stay virtual.