Rollalong, the largest permanent offsite manufacturer in the south of England, will manufacture the homes offsite at its factory in Wimborne for Dorchester-based Magna Housing before installing them on several sites across Dorset and Somerset.

The new contract marks the start of a decade in which Magna will invest £400 million into new and existing homes across Dorset and Somerset. Forty-five homes have already been manufactured and earmarked for sites across Dorset.

The Magna homes range by Rollalong are built off site in a factory-controlled setting and are therefore more cost-effective to maintain and quicker to construct, generate less waste and have a lower carbon footprint in use than traditional brick houses, making them a sustainable housing solution.

“This is tremendously exciting and we’re delighted to continue working with Magna Housing,” said Steve Chivers, Managing Director of Rollalong.

“Our ongoing collaboration will ensure that high-quality, precision-engineered homes continue to be manufactured in the local area by local people.”

Paul Read, Head of Development and Sales at Magna Housing, added: “This is great news for both our organisations, which have been working together very successfully for the past 18 months.

“Magna’s partnership with Rollalong and its continued commitment are securing jobs in the local area, generating social returns for the local economy and building a sustainable future in the South West.”

Rollalong has a factory capacity of 2,000 homes per annum and is well placed to support an intervention from central Government and play its part in solving the current housing crisis.

The new homes will be manufactured from the newly designed 2020/21 range and have been designed to fully comply with the Higher Fabric First approach in the Future Homes Standard.