Our customers want to be listened to, and some want to be even more involved in our work and want to help to shape our decisions. This approach is not new for us, and we have spent a lot of time, over the years, working with our customers and making sure we are bringing the customer voice into all our work.

We engage with thousands of customers each year through surveys, task and finish groups and events. We have some very active customers on our customer Facebook group and we work with our mystery shoppers on a regular basis to get feedback about our services, Opendoor and other publications.

This year, recognising how isolated some of our customers feel during lockdown, we have organized a number of virtual events. For example, our annual gardening competition was run virtually this year and was a real success. We’ve engaged our customers in the development of our new website which will launch in September and our new scrutiny group has started to carry out some real in-depth work around some of our services.

We have a database of customers who want to engage with us online and we get feedback from this group on service standards, policies and other matters. This more formal engagement is so important as it provides us with a helpful understanding on how we can improve and change things, as well as being able to plan our services for the future.

We know that we can be more responsive to issues raised by our customers and because of the new systems we are currently putting in place; we will have information more readily available and hope that our customers will also experience the difference.

We’re looking to increase our engagement over the coming months, as we’re keen to build more relationships and help us to understand our customers better. If this is something you’d like to help us with, please get in touch by emailing engage@magna.org.uk