To support #SaferInternetDay, our IT team has shared some basic top tips that you can do to keep yourself safer online.

Save your passwords. Use a password manager such as Google’s browser password manager to create and save unique passwords. They’re secured with encryption and can be synced securely across devices.

Always keep your applications up to date. Hackers like to manipulate bugs and glitches to try and scam or hack their victims. By updating your applications you’ll get rid of any bugs and glitches as soon as you can which will lower your risk.
Friend or foe? Just because you’ve got a message from someone you know, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Some of the most damaging scams and fraud online can happen because your friends have been hacked and their accounts have been used to catch others out too.
Email accounts are like the keys to the kingdom. If your email is hacked it can be used to get access to your other accounts, so it needs to be the most secure account you own. Make sure to protect your email with a strong password that you don’t use for other accounts.
Remember who can see your information. Social media is a powerful tool but it comes with risks. Protect yourself online by changing your privacy settings to only allow close friends to see certain pieces of your information.

For more info, check out the safer internet UK website which has some great resources for everyone!