Our money matters team have been hard at work over the last year supporting our customers with their finances, and through their combined effort they’ve helped our customers to receive just over £1.4m in additional income.

This includes just over £700,000 in housing related benefits and just over £700,000 in other benefits including working age, pension age and disability benefits.

Nearly £15,000 was emergency funding and grants for food bank referrals and fuel payments including oil, gas and electric.

With the funding for Discretionary Housing Payments being cut by almost £40m this year, and the rising cost of living, the work that our money matters team are doing is especially important at such a tough time for many of our customers. We’re glad that our money matters team have managed to make a positive impact on many of our customers’ lives during this time and we strive to help many more this year.

Our money matters team will continue to give as much information as possible about claiming energy rebates and lowering energy bills, debt advice, and anything else they can do to support our customers with their finances.

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