Back in May 2019 we asked for interest from our customers to form a new scrutiny group. We had nine expressions of interest and ran several taster sessions which resulted in us starting the group with four core members.

Val Trice, a member of the group, is excited to be taking the next steps towards successful scrutiny: ‘I chose to be involved with Scrutiny because I wanted to learn more and be involved in helping Magna make customer-focussed decisions. The benefits of being involved are being able to work as a team with other members of the group and Magna colleagues. I feel that my input is valued and I’m excited about the future.’

With help from our customer insight team, the group’s first task was to call some of our dissatisfied customers from our last survey of tenants and residents (STAR) to delve deeper into what their issues were. After the phone calls, the group reviewed the customer feedback and made recommendations for improvements which is helping us to understand customer priorities and improve our service. Their feedback has been invaluable.

Dave Herring, a member of the scrutiny group, said: ‘I always believed that it’s no good just moaning about something unless you’re willing to try to change it.

The group has taught me to be more empathetic so I don’t criticise without attempting to understand the other point of view. None of us has a monopoly on good ideas. To appreciate our diversity, we are all different so who judges what is ‘normal’? The group has given me a wider view of different Magna tenant’s problems.’

We’re looking forward to involving the scrutiny group in lots of different tasks to help us achieve great customer service.

The group are currently recruiting new members. If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, let us know!