Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which gives us a great opportunity to explain how, at Magna, we are working towards a business that is truly passionate about safety.

Underpinning everything we do at Magna are our values and one of those is ‘Always safe’. The safety of our colleagues and our customers is always our main priority and we do all we can to ensure our colleagues, customers and their homes are always safe.

Sarah Davies, Operations Manager at Magna, said: “We have embraced the importance and requirements of a strong health and safety framework, and have taken this even further by living it and embedding it to ensure it is our culture and more than just a policy. Magna has a value of Always Safe and we are using this as our platform to role model, live and breathe a safe culture across all that we do.”

“A dedicated team of colleagues from across Magna work together on how we weave being safe at work into everything we do. This group works closely with our health and safety forum, who focus on making sure Magna are meeting all our regulatory requirements.”

Our three-year brilliant basics strategy also includes a focus on keeping our customers safe. Building safety and the safety of our customers is central to our strategy, so we’re investing an additional £750,000 into building safety.

Stephanie Lloyd-Foxe, Interim Head of Building Safety and Compliance at Magna, added: “We have ambitious plans to be best in class when it comes to safety and compliance, and whilst regulation and legislation are vital, it's important that we centre our approach around people and develop strategies that put our colleagues and customers at the forefront of the decisions we take."

In the building safety team, we're investing in installing sprinkler systems, upgrading fire detection in homes, and carrying out extensive checks on all of our blocks to see where we can make improvements. We're also trialling new technologies that allow us to remotely monitor safety equipment such as smoke detection in homes and emergency lighting in blocks.

Working with teams across the business, we're carrying out person-centred risk assessments which help us to identify vulnerable customers so we can provide enhanced safety measures tailored to individual needs.

We have also established a dedicated building safety customer group, and continue to develop new ways to engage with customers so they can inform the work we do.

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