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Saving for a large house deposit isn’t easy. With shared ownership, you don’t need one. Browse our listings. Find your perfect home. Your next step is onto the property ladder.

What is Shared Ownership?

Discover our part-own, part-rent home buying scheme helping more people become homeowners.

  • - Deposits start at just 5%
  • - Pay 25-75% of a typical mortgage
  • - Cover the rest with low-cost rent payments
  • - Increase your share of ownership over time

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Affordability calculator

Enter your info and our simple calculator will give you a clear cost breakdown for your new home.

Helpful Resources

Affordability Calculator

Affordability Calculator

Our simple calculator will help you work out the cost of buying your new home.

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Buying more shares

Buying more shares

All the ins and outs of buying shares in our shared ownership home.

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