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Categories of anti-social behaviour and our response times

Anti-social behaviour has been classified into categories and given response times to deal with it.

Category A:

Response time: one working day. Some examples may be:

  • Violent criminal activity
  • Drug dealing
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence Harassment (Hate crime)
  • Threats of violence

Category B:

Response time: three working days. Some examples may be:

  • Aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • Constant noise nuisance
  • Intimidation
  • Drug, solvent or alcohol abuse in communal areas
  • Vandalism Verbal abuse

Category C:

Response time: five working days. Some examples may be:

  • Children nuisance
  • Constant arguing and door slamming
  • Operating noisy machinery for an excessive amount of time at unreasonable hours.