Stock domestic abuse

How we deal with ASB

Magna is firmly committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and harassment experienced by, or perpetrated by, our residents. We will use whatever solutions are available to help us resolve problems. We encourage anyone who is suffering from racial or other harassment, or any other form of anti-social behaviour, to let us know. We will deal with complaints in confidence where necessary and we can offer support to victims.

Our community safety team responds to each case as soon as possible and works very closely with the police in resolving anti-social behaviour issues affecting our residents and the areas in which they live. The police have set up safer neighbourhood teams comprising police officers and police community support officers, better known as PCSOs.

We take dealing with anti-social behaviour extremely seriously but getting the right result can often be a lengthy and frustrating process.

Witnesses are often frustrated by having to keep diaries up to date, but if they are called to give evidence they understand why this is so important.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 came into force in 2004. Under this act, Magna is required to:

  • Prepare a policy and procedures for dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • Publish statements of this policy and procedures
  • Ensure the statements are available for inspection and that a summary of the statements is available, free-of charge, to anyone requesting it

Categories of ASB and our response times

Partnership working against ASB

We do not operate in isolation. We are part of a wider community, and we share the problems and challenges of that wider community. It is unlikely that we will be able to resolve all cases of anti-social behaviour on our own. We therefore work closely with a range of other agencies, as well as with the residents involved.

When considering our approach to anti-social behaviour and when working to resolve individual cases, we aim to consult with the police, local Community Safety Partnerships, environmental health officers and dog wardens, parish councils and panels, youth offending and probation teams, schools, health services, social services, probation services, Racial Equality Council, Mediation services and other local community groups.