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Resident involvement

There are many ways to be involved and help shape the services we provide. We will give information, encourage involvement and consult with you. We will do this in a variety of ways.

Keeping you informed

We will keep you informed about issues that affect you and the services we provide. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Sending you Opendoor, our news magazine, four times a year
  • Providing you with an annual report
  • Writing to you about any changes to your rent or service charges
  • Arranging individual visits to you and other residents
  • Putting useful information on our website,
  • Producing information leaflets and reports
  • Making our policies available to you at our offices
  • Email and text message you if you prefer
  • Posting information on Facebook or Twitter.

Encouraging involvement

We encourage you to be involved in a number of ways, including:

  • Local residents’ groups

    We will support residents and encourage groups by providing meeting rooms, training and information, officer support, and agreed out-of-pocket expenses.

    We encourage all residents to become involved, including people with disabilities, black and minority ethnic groups, isolated rural tenants and parents of young families.

    We encourage residents’ groups to work with other agencies such as the parish councils, the police, voluntary bodies and local area partnerships.

    We will support new resident groups where appropriate and asked to do so.

  • Panels and working groups

    We work closely with the working groups and the tenants’ panel. We help in providing training, education and information for these groups and encourage them to represent the interests of all residents.

    Meetings are open to all residents. Residents can place items for discussion on the agendas of these meetings and receive help from staff presenting these items.

    There is a small budget for community improvements. Residents are involved in the administration of the budget and agreeing what it is spent on.

    Examples include providing CCTV cameras in areas where there is antisocial behaviour, providing secure bicycle storage and donating money to projects that will benefit residents or the places they live. There is a pot of community money which can be spent on some items to improve residents’ quality of life. Any resident may suggest ideas for improvements to be funded from this budget.

    We provide a range of information about how we perform to resident meetings.
  • Tenant choice on improvements

    If we are making improvements to your home, we aim to offer you choices on colour schemes. For example, if we replace your kitchen, you can choose from a range of colours for the worktop, units and tiling. You may also have a choice over the colour of emulsion and floor coverings. If we are refurbishing your home, we will consult with you on any alterations that are required, for example on the layout of a refurbished room.
  • Feedback on policies

    We have a wide range of policies and procedures. Before we start or change any policy or procedure that affects the service we deliver to residents, we will consult tenants and residents. Their comments will be taken into consideration. We will do this at various working groups or at the tenants’ panel meeting.
  • Mystery shoppers

    We have mystery shoppers, who are carefully selected and trained residents who quality check systems, services and procedures.

Consulting with you

We will consult with you in a number of ways, including:

  • Asking you to take part in customer satisfaction surveys or other surveys to obtain your views
  • Sending out questionnaires
  • Holding focus groups, which draw together residents and staff to focus on specific issues from time to time. These groups normally work on a short term basis and are dissolved once their task is complete
  • Holding tenant and resident meetings
  • Hosting residents’ conferences
  • Through reading groups.

We are always keen to hear how you think we can improve services. We value your views, which help shape the services we provide and improve standards.

More information

If you would like to know more about becoming involved in our work, please contact our community engagement officer on 01984 635134.