What are the types of tenancies available?

We use two main occupation agreements when letting our homes:

Starter tenancies

These are generally used for new customers in general needs, sheltered, supported and extra care housing. After 12 months of living in your home, this will usually change to a period assured tenancy.

Assured and Assured Shorthold Periodic tenancies

Fully assured periodic tenancies are used for a variety of different scenarios, such as new customers who are transferring from another home from another social landlord, existing customers who transfer to sheltered or extra care housing, existing customers in long-term supported housing, and more.

Period assured shorthold tenancies are also used for a variety of different scenarios, such as customers who live in homes leased to us from another landlord, customers living in accommodation intended to be temporary or short-term, and more.

These are the two main occupation agreements we use, but there are others which we use for less common scenarios. You can find out more about all of our occupation agreements here.

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