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[{"title":"Can you tell me where I am on the waiting list for a garage?","index":"Can you tell me where I am on the waiting list for a garage? garages waiting list Dorset\nWhen a garage becomes available to let, the system will match this to the person at the top of the waiting list for this area. Unfortunately, we're unable to tell you where you are on the waiting list.\n\n\nSomerset\nYou should check the Homefinder Somerset website for garages available to let and place a bid of interest. There is no waiting list.\nIf your bid is successful you'll be contacted by a member of the lettings team. You should check the Homefinder Somerset website regularly for new adverts and have an active garage application on Homefinder Somerset.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-you-tell-me-where-i-am-on-the-waiting-list-for-a-garage"},{"title":"What's the best way to manage my heating settings?","index":"What's the best way to manage my heating settings? repairs heating timer thermostat radiator, how do i use my, how do i set, how can i set, controls The timer\nThe heating timer or programmer lets you control what times your heating and hot water comes on. You can use this to set the heating to come on just before you wake up, just before you get home from work, or whenever else suits you best.The thermostat\nThe thermostat lets you set the heating to the temperature that you\u2019d like. If you\u2019d like the radiators to be set at different levels throughout your home, you can adjust the thermostatic radiator valve which can be found on each radiator. This will allow you more control over the temperature in each room. We've got a how-to video which shows you how to do this here.\nIf you don't want to use the timer, your heating can be controlled by adjusting the main thermostat.\nIt's not a good idea to completely turn a radiator off in a room for long periods of time as this can lead to damp and mould issues. Learn more about damp and mould and how you can prevent it from appearing in your home.\nYou can learn more here about the types of night storage heaters in our homes.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/whats-the-best-way-to-manage-my-heating-settings"},{"title":"What are your appointment slots for repairs?","index":"What are your appointment slots for repairs? repairs appointments slots, what are your appointment, appointment times, times for, when are We currently have four appointment slots that you may be given for repair works to be carried out. These slots mean that one of our operatives will be with you at any time between the two times given in your appointment slot.\nThese slots are:\nFrom 8AM to 12:30PMFrom 8AM to 6PM\nFrom 9:30AM to 2:30PM\nFrom 12PM to 6PM\n\nIf the slot we've given you doesn't work for you, get in touch with us and let us know so that we can change it for you.\nIf you need to report a repair, you can do this here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-are-your-appointment-slots-for-repairs"},{"title":"I've got a broken window. What do I do?","index":"I've got a broken window. What do I do? repairs broken window crime glass, my window has been, my window is, my window was, broken glass, broken window, cracked, shattered Broken glass or windows are usually your responsibility to fix or replace. You can learn more about what your repair responsibilities are here.\nIf any glass or windows have been damaged or broken as the result of a crime, you may not have to pay if you can provide us with a crime reference number.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-got-a-broken-window-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"My fence needs repairing. What do I do?","index":"My fence needs repairing. What do I do? repairs fence, blown over, winds, flood, flooding, broken fence, my fence has blown over, can you fix my fence, fencing, hurricane, tornado, repairing, new fence, i need a new fence Strong winds and rain can make the ground wet, which creates perfect conditions for fences to be blown over.\nIf this happens, we'd advise the following:\nIf the fence has blown over onto a public right of way, contact us straight away and we'll attend to this as a matter of emergencyIf your fence has blown over in your garden, you can report a repair here. Try and stay away from the affected area until we're able to attend. Once we attend, we'll make the fence safe. This might mean that we'll remove the damaged fence and you may be left with a gap in your fence temporarily. Where possible, we'll mark the boundary with a temporary orange mesh.If your fence has blown over and created a gap, or we've temporarily removed part of your fence, and you have pets that need access to the garden, put them on a lead so they can't escape.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-fence-needs-repairing-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"My gas \/ electric meter isn't working, who can fix it?","index":"My gas \/ electric meter isn't working, who can fix it? repairs gas electricity supplier, my gas meter is broken, my electric meter is broken, my electricity meter is broken If your meter box is broken, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for it to be replaced.\nIf your meter box isn't broken, but you're having problems with your energy supply meter, you need to call your supplier. If you're not sure who your supplier is, you can try calling one of the numbers or visiting one of the websites below to find out.\nGas\nUse this handy Find My Supplier tool to search for your postcode online, or try calling 0870 608 1524.\nElectricity\nUse this handy tool from the Energy Networks Association to search for your postcode online, or try calling 0845 601 2989.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-gas-electric-meter-isnt-working-who-can-fix-it"},{"title":"I have a water leak, can I claim compensation?","index":"I have a water leak, can I claim compensation? repairs, water leak, compensation, refund, money, payment, leaking, dripping, damaged, my water is leaking, i have a water leak, water leaking, ive got a leak, i've got a leak, can i claim compensation, i want compensation, the water is If you weren't aware of the leak and your bill is higher than usual, you may be able to apply for a leak allowance from your water supplier. To apply for this please contact your water supplier.\nIf you're not sure who your water supplier is, you can put your postcode into this website to find out.\nWe're not usually able to compensate you for water leaks.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-have-a-water-leak-can-i-claim-compensation"},{"title":"What do I do if there is a power cut?","index":"What do I do if there is a power cut? repairs power cut outage electric electrics electricity leccy lights working not When you have a power cut the first thing to do is to check if the power cut is just in your home, or if it affects your neighbours too.\nTo check if this affects just you or others in your area, you can check the following:If you live in a flat, you can check if the communal area lights workIf you live in a house, you could check if the street lights are working or check with your neighbours to see if they have powerIf you experience a power cut that affects you and your neighbours, please check with your supplier for any faults in the area and how long you might be without power\nTo find out more about a power cut in your area you can call 105 from a mobile or landline, this will connect you to your local suppliers emergency team.\nIf the power cut is just in your home, please check the following:If you're on a prepayment meter for your supply, check your meter to see if you've run out of credit - if you've run out, you should be able to add emergency credit to your meter until you're able to go to a shop and top it upIf you're not on a prepayment meter, check to see if any of your trip switches have been flippedCheck with your supplier if there are any issues in your local area\nIf you have checked all of the above and you still don\u2019t have power, please contact us and we will arrange for an electrician to come out to you within 24 hours.\nWe've got some useful tips on how to prepare for a power outage ahead of time here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-do-i-do-if-there-is-a-power-cut"},{"title":"I have no instructions for my heating system, do you have copies?","index":"I have no instructions for my heating system, do you have copies? repairs heating instructions All customers are given a copy of the instructions for their heating when they first move in. If you don\u2019t have a copy, the easiest way to get one is to put the heating system make and model into an internet search engine to find the instructions.If you can't find them online don\u2019t worry, contact us and we'll help.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-have-no-instructions-for-my-heating-system-do-you-have-copies"},{"title":"Can I rent a garage from Magna?","index":"Can I rent a garage from Magna? garages rent, i want to rent a garage, how can i rent a garage, can i rent a, how do i rent, where can i rent We're not taking any new garage rental applications for the Dorset area at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.\nIf you've already submitted an application for the Dorset area, then this will be processed, and we'll be in touch.\nGarages are still available to rent in the Somerset area. Find out more here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-rent-a-garage-from-magna"},{"title":"My roof has been damaged in the bad weather. What do I do?","index":"My roof has been damaged in the bad weather. What do I do? repairs damaged bad weather adverse, my roof has been damaged, my roof is damaged, my roof was damaged, ive got a leak, i have a leak, leaking If you start to see water coming through your roof, please notify us as soon as possible. A major roof leak would be an emergency, however minor roof leaks would be an urgent repair. Before we're able to attend there are a few things which you can do to help:Put a bucket or container under the leak to catch the water to help reduce the chances of any damage to your home or belongingsIf you're able to, move any furniture or belongings away from where the leak isHave a look outside at the roof and see if you can identify what has caused the issue, as this will help us to diagnose the issue when you report itIf your roof tiles contain asbestos then please don't disturb them; we will safely remove these for you","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-roof-has-been-damaged-in-the-bad-weather-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"I don't know my energy\/water supplier, how do I find out?","index":"I don't know my energy\/water supplier, how do I find out? repairs energy water supplier gas, gas supplier, water supplier, electricity supplier, energy supplier, who is my energy, who is my water, who is my gas, who is my electricity, how do i found out, i dont know who, i don't know who, i need to find out, how do i see who If you aren't sure who your energy or water supplier is, call the numbers or use the websites below:\nGas\nCall 0870 608 1524 or visit this website.\nElectricity\nCall 0845 601 2989 or visit this website.\nWater\nVisit this website.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-dont-know-my-energy-water-supplier-how-do-i-find-out"},{"title":"My gas \/ oil heating isn't working","index":"My gas \/ oil heating isn't working repairs gas oil heating boiler hot water, my heating isn't, the heating isn't, my boiler, my heating, warming If your heating isn't working, here are some things you can try to get it up and running before you contact us:\nCheck your supply\nCheck your gas \/ oil and electricity supply\nIf you've got a pre-payment meter, check that there's credit on the meter\nCheck the trip switches on the fuse box, and reset them if any of them are down\nCheck if you have oil by looking at the gauge, usually located either on your oil tank or in your home\nCheck your boiler\nCheck the boiler pressure; the pressure should be between 1 to 1.5 bars, and if it's below this you may need to repressurise it; watch the how-to video at the bottom of this page to find out how to do this.\nCheck that the boiler timer is set correctly; it can be easy to knock this out of place, so it's always worth double checking!\nCheck that the temperature controls on your boiler are set high enough; there are two controls on the front of your boiler, one for heating and one for hot water; try turning the heating temperature up fully to see if this makes the heating come on\nTry resetting your boiler by pressing the reset button, usually found on the front panel of your boiler; if your boiler has an electrical plug socket, try switching this off and then on to reset it\nCheck your thermostat\nCheck that the thermostat is set high enough; most people have this set around 21\u00b0C, and you can try turning this up higher to see if the boiler comes on\nIf your thermostat has a digital display that isn't working, you may need to change the batteries\nIf your heating still isn't working, you can report a repair here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-gas-oil-heating-isnt-working"},{"title":"My electric keeps tripping. What do I do?","index":"My electric keeps tripping. What do I do? repairs electric tripping It's likely that an appliance is tripping the electrics. Carry out a trip test to find out:Switch off and unplug all appliances from every socket including removing light bulbs in affected areas.Put the trip switch back on.Plug in appliances\/light bulbs one by one \u2013 check the trip switch after every appliance you plug in to make sure it hasn\u2019t tripped again.If the trip switch trips when an appliance is plugged in, this indicates the appliance is faulty (turn the trip switch back on and try it in another socket \u2013 if it trips again it is the appliance)If this does not trip, it indicates a faulty socket\/light fitting.If no faults are identified through this test and your electricity still trips, please contact us","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-electric-keeps-tripping-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"My electric storage heating isn't working","index":"My electric storage heating isn't working repairs, electric storage heating, heaters, night storage heater, isn't working, isnt working, my storage heater isn't, my heater isn't, my night storage heater, the storage heater, the heater, the night storage heater, my electric storage heater isn't working Electric storage heaters will normally heat up at night when the electricity is cheaper. They then release heat throughout the day.\nEach storage heater works on its own so you can set each heater to a different temperature. If your heating isn't working, there are some things you can try to get it up and running before you contact us. We\u2019ve included some here:\nCheck all the night storage heaters\nIs it just one heater not working or all of them? Once you've identified this, you can report a repair here and let us know.\nCheck the fuse box\nSee if any of the switches are down. If they are then you'll need to reset them.\nIsolator switch next to heater\nEach heater will have its own isolating switch, usually on the wall next to the heater. Check that this is on.\nCheck the thermostat\nIf your heating has a digital display, check the thermostat. This should usually be set at about 21 degrees. You can try turning it up higher to see if this makes the heating come on.\nCheck the heating programmer\nCheck that the programmer is switched on and set to the right time.\nStill not working?\nIf you've tried all of these steps and your electric storage heating still isn't working, you can report a repair here.\nYou can learn more about the different types of night storage heaters here. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-electric-storage-heating-isnt-working"},{"title":"What repairs am I responsible for?","index":"What repairs am I responsible for? repairs responsible responsibilities maintenance maintaining, tenant repair, property repairs, resident repair, repair duties, housing repair, what do i need to fix, rental property, repair and maintenance, who covers repairs, repairs in my lease, am i responsible for repairs, which repairs are my duty, what's expected of me, whats expected of me, tell me about my repair obligations, what falls under my repair, what repairs do i have to do There are certain repairs and replacements that you're responsible for. This is not a full list, but it gives some examples:\nGeneral\nKeeping your home cleanGardeningTreating minor mould growthPests inside your home and in your gardenMislaid, lost or stolen keys and arranging access to your homeReplacement locks or additional locks and keysOiling of locks and hingesInternal decorations, minor cracks in plasterBattery-powered doorbells and smoke detectorsCurtain battens, coat hooks and railsBroken or damaged glazing (if there is no crime number)Repairing or replacing toilet roll holders\nPlumbing\nBlocked sinks, basins and toiletsSink \/ bath chains and plugsToilet seatsRelighting boiler if you ran out of gas or oil\nElectrical\nElectrical faults arising from the use of faulty appliancesPlugs, fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters (except for those in communal areas)Any appliance, structure or installation which was not supplied by Magna\nFind out more about your repair responsibilities here. \nFind out what repairs we'll carry out for you here.\nIf you've looked through the links above you're still not sure if you're responsible a repair, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-repairs-am-i-responsible-for"},{"title":"How do I dispose of unwanted items?","index":"How do I dispose of unwanted items? maintenance, bulky items, waste, rubbish, garbage, trash, how do i dispose of waste, white goods, fridge, oven, large, heavy, disposal, can you help It's your responsibility to dispose of your waste. It's important to dispose of your waste correctly via your normal bin collections, as well as recycling where you can.\nIf you have bulky items that you can't dispose of via your normal bin collections, you can try contacting your local council, as many offer a removal service for these types of items.\nWe've put together lots of useful information on how to dispose of your waste properly and who to get in touch with to dispose of bulky items here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-dispose-of-unwanted-items"},{"title":"When will my kitchen and \/ or bathroom be replaced?","index":"When will my kitchen and \/ or bathroom be replaced? maintenance kitchen bathroom improvements bathroom restroom toilet, when will my, my kitchen needs, my bathroom needs, my toilet needs, i need a new, fix my kitchen, fix my bathroom, fix my toilet We periodically refurbish the kitchens and bathrooms in our homes as part of a programme of planned works. If your home is scheduled for a kitchen and \/ or bathroom refurbishment we will contact you to let you know.\nIf you think your kitchen and \/ or bathroom needs refurbishing, please get in touch with us. We'll be able to tell you if you're already on the planned programme, and if not we may be able to arrange an inspection of your kitchen and \/ or bathroom.You can find out more about our kitchen and bathroom replacement programme here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/when-will-my-kitchen-and-or-bathroom-be-replaced"},{"title":"When am I due new doors or windows?","index":"When am I due new doors or windows? maintenance If you think your doors and\/or windows need renewing please call contact us. We'll be able to tell you if you are already on the planned programme or we can arrange an inspection on your doors and\/or windows.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/when-am-i-due-new-doors-or-windows"},{"title":"I'm unable to change my lightbulb. Can you help?","index":"I'm unable to change my lightbulb. Can you help? maintenance If you're in a general needs home and you're unable to change a lightbulb and a battery in the smoke detector, you may be able to get help from your local council as many have a handy person service. These services are at a subsidised rate, but you will be charged for the service. If you live in Somerset, we also operate a handy person service, which you can find out more about here.If you are in a sheltered home and you're unable to change a lightbulb and a battery in the smoke detector, please contact us. We can then get a caretaker to you as soon as possible.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-unable-to-change-my-lightbulb-can-you-help"},{"title":"Where is my stop tap?","index":"Where is my stop tap? maintenance The most common places for your internal stop tap to be located is either under the kitchen sink or in the airing cupboard. However, if you live in a flat you may not have an internal stop tap as it could be a shared stop tap with the block. If this is the case the stop tap will be external and can be located by calling your supplier.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/where-is-my-stop-tap"},{"title":"My garden is overgrown, can you cut it for me?","index":"My garden is overgrown, can you cut it for me? maintenance gardening grass trees hedges bushes shrubs overgrown, who takes care, my grass needs cutting, the grass needs cutting, my garden is Keeping on top of your garden is your responsibility and is unfortunately not something we're able to help you with. If you're struggling with keeping up your garden, it might be worth seeing if there are any local volunteer groups or charities who might be able to help.\nFacebook can be a good place to find local groups who can help; you'll need an account to use Facebook, but it's free to sign up. You might also want to consider doing a mutual exchange to find a home with a garden that's more suitable for you.\nOur estate services team regularly maintain grass, trees, and bushes, as well as perform other maintenance tasks in communal areas surrounding our homes to make sure things are looking clean and tidy.\nIf you think your communal areas are starting to look overgrown, please get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-garden-is-overgrown-can-you-cut-it-for-me"},{"title":"Who is responsible for tree works and maintenance?","index":"Who is responsible for tree works and maintenance? maintenance tree grounds maintenance sweeping leaves leaf grass works garden, who is responsible, whos responsible, who comes to do, who comes and, who looks after, who's responsible for cutting trees, large tree, small tree, dangerous tree, low hanging, branches, pruning, pruned, fallen tree If a tree is within our communal areas, we're responsible for all works and maintenance required and will regularly maintain any trees in these areas. You can learn more about what our estate services team are responsible for here.\nIf a tree is within your garden boundary, you're responsible for all works and maintenance required. If a tree within your garden boundary needs work doing to it, there are a few alternatives to having it cut down which can be less costly:If the branches are getting too long, you can get them chopped back through a method called a crown reductionIf low branches are getting in the way, you can get them removed through a method called a crown liftIf a tree is getting too tall, you can get the top chopped off through a method called toppingInstead of a full removal of the tree, you can get all branches and stumps chopped off except for the trunk and main limbs through a method called pollarding \nIf you're unable to contact a contractor to carry out works, we can arrange for any works to be done through our tree surgeon and the cost of the works will be recharged to you.\nIf works to a tree are required and there's an imminent risk, we'll arrange for the works to be carried out and the cost of the works will be recharged to you.\nIf you're not sure whether a tree sits within your garden boundary, or would like us to inspect a tree in your garden to find out what works it might need, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/who-is-responsible-for-tree-works-and-maintenance"},{"title":"I've got a blocked drain \/ toilet \/ sink, what do I do?","index":"I've got a blocked drain \/ toilet \/ sink, what do I do? maintenance If you have a blockage you can try to clear it yourself. We\u2019ve got some helpful how-to videos which explain how to do this, you can find them here.\nBlockages are often caused by things that aren\u2019t supposed to be flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink. We\u2019ve put together some information on what sort of things shouldn\u2019t be flushed or washed away which you can find here.\nIf you can\u2019t clear the blockage yourself, please contact us.\nIf we discover that the blockage was caused by something that wasn\u2019t mean to be flushed or washed away, you may be charged for any work carried out.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-got-a-blocked-drain-toilet-sink-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"What do I do if I suspect asbestos?","index":"What do I do if I suspect asbestos? maintenance asbestos suspect health harmful, my home has asbestos, ive found asbestos, ive got asbestos, theres asbestos, If you think you might have asbestos in your home you need to get in touch with us and let us know as soon as possible.\nAsbestos is safe when managed properly, but it's very important to make us aware so that we're able to come and inspect it and manage it appropriately. You must not disturb any areas containing asbestos as this could potentially release asbestos fibres into the air which can be harmful to your health.\nYou can learn more about how we manage asbestos here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-do-i-do-if-i-suspect-asbestos"},{"title":"Who is responsible for pests?","index":"Who is responsible for pests? maintenance pests rats vermin, i have pests, i have rats, who's responsible for pests, who deals with pests If you see pests within Magna communal areas, please contact us and we will arrange treatment.If you see pests in your home, it's your responsibility to arrange and pay for the treatment. The exception to this is when the pests are in the cavity and structure, in these cases we'll arrange the treatment. When treatment has been carried out by us, we can attend to fill any holes if necessary.\nWe've included some useful links below:\nPest control advice from Dorset CouncilPest control advice from Somerset CouncilBook a pest control treatment with East Devon District Council","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/who-is-responsible-for-pests"},{"title":"I\u2019m worried about my rent increasing. What should I do?","index":"I\u2019m worried about my rent increasing. What should I do? rent, increase, debt, money, help, my rent has increased, my rent is increasing, i want to talk to, i need to talk to We understand that the cost of living increase has put a strain on many people\u2019s finances which can be worrying and stressful.\nWe\u2019re here to help you as much as possible, and we've set up a form which you can fill in if you'd like to discuss the rent increase with us, whether you're concerned about being able to afford the increase or about something else. Get in touch here to discuss your rent increase. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-worried-about-my-rent-increasing-what-should-i-do"},{"title":"Where can I get help with paying my heating bill?","index":"Where can I get help with paying my heating bill? money matters With the rising costs of heating our homes, you may find that you need a bit of help this year. Whether you pay your heating bill monthly, or have a pay as you go meter, you may be able to get help with the cost of heating your home.For information on where to find free and independent advice, we have included some useful links:Citizens Advice Winter fuel payment - Age Uk - winter fuel payment Or, if you\u2019d prefer you can talk to one of our money matters team.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/where-can-i-get-help-with-paying-my-heating-bill"},{"title":"I've paid my rent online but it's not showing on my statement?","index":"I've paid my rent online but it's not showing on my statement? rent online paid not showing up, ive paid my rent, my rent isnt, my rents not, my rent is not, my payment If you've made a payment through our website, it will take at least 24 working hours to show on your statement. Please try waiting for 24 hours and check again.\nIf you're still having issues with seeing this on your statement online, it's a good idea to try refreshing the page or logging out and back into your account.\nIf you still can't see it, you should get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-paid-my-rent-online-but-its-not-showing-on-my-statement"},{"title":"I'm struggling with my finances - where can I get help?","index":"I'm struggling with my finances - where can I get help? money matters financial finance struggle struggling worry worrying worries repossession bailiffs bills Our money matters advisors can give you information, advice and help with claiming benefits, reducing household costs, opening bank accounts and help you to find debt advice if needed. Complete the form on the page below to get help.Money matters service ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-struggling-with-my-finances-where-can-i-get-help"},{"title":"When are the rent free weeks?","index":"When are the rent free weeks? money matters Rent free weeks for 2024\/25:\nWeek beginning 25 MarchWeek beginning 1 AprilWeek beginning 23 DecemberWeek beginning 30 December\nSome of our tenants have four non-rent collection weeks each year. You will be told whether or not you have non-rent collection weeks when you sign up for your new home. You can also find this information in your tenancy agreement.If you pay by Direct Debit, or standing order, your rent is normally divided into 12 equal payments so the rent collection free weeks have already been taken into consideration.Non-rent collection weeks are always the last week in March, the first week in April, and the last two weeks in December.\nIf you're not sure if you get rent free weeks, get in touch with us and we can help you find out.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/when-are-the-rent-free-weeks"},{"title":"What do I do if there's a fire in my block of flats?","index":"What do I do if there's a fire in my block of flats? emergencies What to do in an emergency (flats)If there is a fire is in your block of flats there are two different actions you might take: stay where you are or evacuate the block with other residents.If you evacuate (get out) please shut doors behind you if possible (to stop the spread of fire) and then call the fire service once you are out of the building.There are notices in each block to tell you what we advise you to do for the building you live in. Please call the homeownership team IMMEDIATELY on 01305 216153 if you are not sure what to do if there is a fire where you live.Find out more about fire safety ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-do-i-do-if-theres-a-fire-in-my-block-of-flats"},{"title":"How can I prevent flooding?","index":"How can I prevent flooding? emergencies flooding prevent flooding flooded stop water high rise, my home has flooded, my house has flooded, there's a flood, theres a flood, it has flooded, gushing filling up overflowing If you have been hit with a severe flood, please call us on 0800 358 6025 straight away.\nHigh rainfall, especially over a short period of time, can cause flooding. We can never predict what weather we are going to have, however, you can help reduce the impact the weather has on your home. Here are a few simple checks which you can do to prevent flooding in your home, especially if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding:Check your guttersIf you have a blocked gutter or downpipe, clear the leaves and debris that is causing the blockage.Check your drains and gulliesCheck if they are blocked or covered with leaves or dirt. If you live near trees or have lots of vegetation in your garden, please keep on checking your drain covers and clear leaves and dirt that may get there.Check the road drains or gulliesIf you notice that the road drain is blocked or starting to get blocked, please report this to the local council. This is their responsibility to clear and the earlier this is picked up the less likely it is that flooding will happen.\nIf you need to report a blocked drain, we've included a list of useful links below for different areas:\nDorsetSomersetDevon ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-prevent-flooding"},{"title":"What do I do if I smell gas?","index":"What do I do if I smell gas? emergencies If you can smell gas or suspect emissions of carbon monoxide you need to contact National Grid Distribution on 0800 111 999.Once the engineer has attended and found the fault, please contact us and we will send an engineer to fix the problem.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-do-i-do-if-i-smell-gas"},{"title":"What are the types of tenancies available?","index":"What are the types of tenancies available? housing support tenancy tenancies agreement tenant, what tenancies, what types of tenancies, occupation agreement, which tenancies, which types, which kinds of, what kinds of We use two main occupation agreements when letting our homes:Starter tenancies\nThese are generally used for new customers in general needs, sheltered, supported and extra care housing. After 12 months of living in your home, this will usually change to a period assured tenancy.Assured and Assured Shorthold Periodic tenancies\nFully assured periodic tenancies are used for a variety of different scenarios, such as new customers who are transferring from another home from another social landlord, existing customers who transfer to sheltered or extra care housing, existing customers in long-term supported housing, and more.\nPeriod assured shorthold tenancies are also used for a variety of different scenarios, such as customers who live in homes leased to us from another landlord, customers living in accommodation intended to be temporary or short-term, and more.\nThese are the two main occupation agreements we use, but there are others which we use for less common scenarios. You can find out more about all of our occupation agreements here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-are-the-types-of-tenancies-available"},{"title":"How do you decide how much to increase rent by?","index":"How do you decide how much to increase rent by? rent, rent setting, costs, how is rent decided, how do you decide, how do you calculate, how do you decide We set our rents following strict guidelines set by the government and the Regulator for Social Housing. Each housing association\u2019s Board makes its own decision about what rent they charge, following the guidelines, and the amount must cover our costs for providing services to customers and investing in homes.\nHousing associations are allowed to increase their rents by up to CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation plus 1% each year. Housing associations cannot raise their rents more than that by law, and this includes Magna.\nFor 2023, the government has set different rules for general needs and sheltered and supported housing customers, which means that:Most general needs customers will see a rent increase of 7%Most sheltered and supported housing customers will see a rent increase of 11.1%\nYou can find out more about how we set our rents here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-you-decide-how-much-to-increase-rent-by"},{"title":"How do I update my tenancy info?","index":"How do I update my tenancy info? housing support tenancy info change changing, how do i change, how do i update, i need to update, i need to change, i want to change, i want to update, i need to update, my husband has died, my wife has died, my partner has died, death, dead, passed away, my son has died, my daughter has died, my father has died, my dad has died, my mother has died, my mum has died, report death, report dead, add someone, add tenant, i want to add, i want to remove To find out about changing your tenancy details, click here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-update-my-tenancy-info"},{"title":"How do I end my tenancy?","index":"How do I end my tenancy? ending tenancy notice housing support, i want to end my, i want to move out, im moving out, im leaving, i want to leave, give notice, how can i give notice, i need to give notice, do i need to give notice If you're looking to end your tenancy and move out, you can fill in a form to give us your notice on our customer portal.\nTo end your tenancy, you'll need to give us four weeks notice and let us know the date you intend to move out on when filling in the form mentioned above.\nAlternatively, you can get in touch with us to talk to someone about this.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-end-my-tenancy"},{"title":"How do I report anti-social behaviour (ASB?)","index":"How do I report anti-social behaviour (ASB?) housing support asb safety anti social behaviour behave sexual harassment abuse alarm distress nuisance annoyance drugs disability hate crime domestic emotional physical bullying violence hitting punch kick spit rape grope We want to make sure that you feel safe and secure in your home, and we know that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can be upsetting and concerning for many people.\nASB includes things such as persistent noise nuisance, threats of violence or aggressive and abusive behaviour, intimidation, criminal activity and vandalism. To learn more about what we class as ASB, see our list of examples hereIf you need to report an incident of ASB, you can do this on our website here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-report-anti-social-behaviour-asb"},{"title":"Why are you putting my rent up?","index":"Why are you putting my rent up? rent. rent increase, increase, setting, costs, money, why are you putting, why has my rent, why is my rent, why did my rent, going up The amount we charge must cover our costs for providing services to customers and investing in homes, and we review our rents annually to make sure they cover these costs and meet all relevant regulations.\nYou can find out what your rent covers here and how we set our rents here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/why-are-you-putting-my-rent-up"},{"title":"Why do I need an electrical test?","index":"Why do I need an electrical test? electric test electrical electrics electricity electricals leccy We carry out electrical tests to make sure that the electrical installation in your home is safe and working correctly.\nUnsafe electrics, such as exposed wiring and overloaded sockets, increases the risk of fire in your home.\nIt's really important that we're able to access your home to carry out these tests, and we'll let you know in advance when your electrical testing appointment is so that you can be home to let us in on the day.\nIf you're not able to make the appointment time we send you, please contact us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/why-do-i-need-an-electrical-test"},{"title":"Do I need buildings insurance?","index":"Do I need buildings insurance? insurance buildings insure insured cover building home house, claiming claimed, do i need buildings insurance, do i have buildings insurance, do i need to insure, how can i insure, do i need insurance, will you pay for insurance, will you insure, have you insured, is my home insured In most cases, we're responsible for insuring the structure of your home against major risks such as fire, flood, subsidence, and storm damage.\nHowever, our insurance does not cover the cost of replacing elements that are damaged as a result of 'wear and tear' or your contents.\nFor some of our older shared ownership homes, you may be responsible for your own buildings insurance. If you're not sure if this applies to you, an easy way to check is to see if you're being charged for it in your service charges.\nWe are responsible for buildings insurance for all of our rented properties.\nYou can learn more about insurance for your home by clicking here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-need-buildings-insurance"},{"title":"Do I need contents insurance?","index":"Do I need contents insurance? contents insurance insure insured cover claimed claiming, do i need contents insurance, do i have contents insurance, do i need to insure, how can i insure, do i need insurance, will you pay for insurance, will you insure, have you insured, is my home insured While we insure the building you live in, we're not responsible for insuring the contents of your home such as furniture, belongings, or decorations against theft, fire, burst pipes, and other household risks.\nYou should also have insurance for any changes you've made to your home that you've paid for, such as a new conservatory, kitchen, or flooring.\nIf your belongings are damaged due to negligence on our part then we will cover the cost of the belongings, following an enquiry.\nYou can learn more about insurance for your home by clicking here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-need-contents-insurance"},{"title":"How do I report a repair?","index":"How do I report a repair? report a repair, report repair broken fixing maintenance, not working, broken, breaking, damaged, not turning on, not coming on, isn't working, can't lock, locking, shower, bathroom, repairing, electricity supply The easiest way to report a repair is by doing it online through this page.\nWhen reporting online, you can choose from lots of picture categories to help you narrow down the problem, or you can search for something specific.\nIf you'd prefer to speak to someone instead, you can get in touch with us here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-report-a-repair"},{"title":"I've received a letter saying I need to switch to Universal Credit","index":"I've received a letter saying I need to switch to Universal Credit benefits universal credit managed migration notice claiming jobseekers allowance tax credit If you're currently claiming older benefits, you may receive a letter, also known as a migration notice, telling you that you'll need to switch over to Universal Credit to continue claiming your benefits. \nWe understand these processes can often be confusing and worrying, which is why our money matters team are here to help. We've created a useful video which explains what managed migration is, how it might affect you, and what we can do to help you. Give it a watch below.\nIf you've received a migration notice and you'd like some support, get in touch with our money matters team and they'll be happy to help.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-received-a-letter-saying-i-need-to-switch-to-universal-credit"},{"title":"How do I apply for a mutual exchange?","index":"How do I apply for a mutual exchange? exchange swap house home switch mutual, house swap, i want to swap my house, i want to exchange my house, looking for exchange, i'm looking for exchange, im looking for exchange, i'm looking to swap, im looking to swap, how can i apply, how do i apply, rehome, rehoming, house exchange, house exchanging, who do i contact to get permission for a mutual exchange A mutual exchange is a way of swapping your home with someone else who also wants to move. Most customers are allowed to exchange once any starter tenancy period is over.\nVisit this page to find lots of information about how to apply for a mutual exchange.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-apply-for-a-mutual-exchange"},{"title":"Where is my local food bank?","index":"Where is my local food bank? food bank finance finances financially money help support eat drink struggling If you're struggling financially, food banks can help to support you with the household essentials.\nWe've compiled a list of food banks in our local communities on our money matters tips and advice page.\nThe Trussell Trust also have a useful tool on their website which can help you find your nearest food bank. Click here to take a look.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/where-is-my-local-food-bank"},{"title":"I pay my rent monthly do I still get the 4 rent free weeks?","index":"I pay my rent monthly do I still get the 4 rent free weeks? rent free Yes, you do. your rent is calculated based on 48 weeks of the year, this means the rent-free weeks are already deducted from your monthly rent. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-pay-my-rent-monthly-do-i-still-get-the-4-rent-free-weeks"},{"title":"Can I still have the rent free weeks if I have a debt on my rent account?","index":"Can I still have the rent free weeks if I have a debt on my rent account? rent free debt, rent free weeks, rent-free, no rent, free rent, free days, no charge, can i still have rent free, do i still get rent free weeks, i have debt, i'm in debt, im in debt, do i get rent free, am i eligible Everyone is entitled to their rent free weeks, even if you have debt on your rent account.\nHowever, if you have debt on your rent account we would advise you to continue with your rent payments during these weeks in order to reduce your debt quicker.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-still-have-the-rent-free-weeks-if-i-have-a-debt-on-my-rent-account"},{"title":"What does my rent pay for?","index":"What does my rent pay for? rent, rent setting, rent increase, what does rent pay for, whats included in my rent, what does my rent cover Your rent mainly covers the use and occupation of your home, and some of the communal areas around your home. However, there are lots of services we offer which are also funded by your rent which may benefit you directly or indirectly.\u202fThere\u2019s more info on this on our rents page.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-does-my-rent-pay-for"},{"title":"What are service charges?","index":"What are service charges? service charges, how much is my service charge, how much is the, what is a service charge, what is the service charge, what are service, why am i paying Service charges are costs you may have to pay towards extra services and benefits we provide that aren't covered by your rent. Not everyone pays service charges, but if you do they'll be set out in your tenancy \/ lease agreement.\nService charges go towards things like:\nKeeping your communal areas well maintained and looking goodMaking sure that lifts and door entry systems are working properly if your building has themRegularly testing fire alarms and other safety systems and equipment to keep you safe in your homeBuildings insuranceAnd much more\nHow much you'll pay can vary from year to year depending on how much it has cost us to provide the service. You can find out more about service charges and how we calculate them here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-are-service-charges"},{"title":"What are sinking funds?","index":"What are sinking funds? sinking funds, charges A sinking fund is a type of service charge that we use to build up a pot of money to replace a piece of equipment or to carry out work in the future which is not covered by your rent, or for homeowners, which is work which Magna is responsible for. You can find out more about these here. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-are-sinking-funds"},{"title":"How can I get a rent statement?","index":"How can I get a rent statement? rent statement credit balance account, how can i get a rent statement, need rent statement, check my balance, check my rent, check rent balance, account statement, print rent statement, print rent bill, i need to see my rent account We will send you a rent account statement annually. This shows the weekly rent due, payments made (including any housing benefit paid direct to us) and the balance on your account.\nIf you need a statement now, you can request one by logging into your customer portal account or by completing the form here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-get-a-rent-statement"},{"title":"I\u2019m struggling to pay my rent. What do I do?","index":"I\u2019m struggling to pay my rent. What do I do? rent, struggling to pay, money, debt, help, can't pay rent, can't pay my rent, cant pay rent, cant pay my rent, i'm struggling to pay, i've fallen behind, ive fallen behind, i'm falling behind, im falling behind, rent overdue, my rent is overdue, i can't pay, i cant pay, i can't afford, i cant afford, affording We understand that for many reasons you may fall behind with your rent or are struggling to make your payments, and we'll try to support you with this as best as we can.\nIt\u2019s important that you contact us to discuss your options.\nOur money matters team may also be able to help you apply for benefits and give you support and advice if you're struggling financially.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-struggling-to-pay-my-rent-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"How can I pay my rent?","index":"How can I pay my rent? rent pay payment, i need to pay my rent, how can i pay my rent, where do i pay my rent, i want to pay, where can i pay, arrears, paying rent arrears, pay rent arrears, pay my rent arrears, pay rent There are a few different ways you can choose to pay your rent:By making a secure payment onlineBy setting up a Direct DebitBy asking your bank to set up a standing orderBy writing us a cheque\nYou can learn more about how to make a payment to us here.\nIf you're having trouble making a payment, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-pay-my-rent"},{"title":"My rent is increasing and I get Universal Credit. What do I need to do?","index":"My rent is increasing and I get Universal Credit. What do I need to do? rent, increase, universal credit, rent increase, increasing, rent increasing, my rent has increased, journal, report change, circumstances, change of circumstances Customers who receive Universal Credit must report any change of how much rent they're paying on their journal on the day the change takes place. \nYou can log into your Universal Credit account on the government's website here.\nFor customers who are charged a monthly rent this will be 1 AprilFor customers charged weekly but do not have rent-free weeks the change will be 3 AprilFor customers who are charged weekly and who have rent-free weeks this will be 10 April\nIf you're not sure about something, please get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-rent-is-increasing-and-i-get-universal-credit-what-do-i-need-to-do"},{"title":"Has my Direct Debit been paid?","index":"Has my Direct Debit been paid? direct debit dd rent paid pay paying credit, how can i pay my, when do i pay my, has my direct, how do i pay my, have i paid my rent, has my rent been The best way to check if your Direct Debit has gone through is by checking with your bank. You may be able to check this yourself if your bank has online banking as you should see this payment in your transaction history or in your Direct Debits section.\nIf you can't find out through your bank or you\u2019re still unsure, contact us and we\u2019ll let you know.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/has-my-direct-debit-been-paid"},{"title":"My Direct Debit is due at the weekend \/ bank holiday when will it come out of my bank account?","index":"My Direct Debit is due at the weekend \/ bank holiday when will it come out of my bank account? rent direct debit If your Direct Debit is due on a weekend or bank holiday, it will be taken on the next working day.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-direct-debit-is-due-at-the-weekend-bank-holiday-when-will-it-come-out-of-my-bank-account"},{"title":"My rent is increasing. Will my Housing Benefit cover this?","index":"My rent is increasing. Will my Housing Benefit cover this? rent, increase, housing benefits, my rent has gone, will my benefits, my benefits If you are in full receipt of Housing Benefits, your benefit will increase to cover the extra rent charges.\nYou should receive more information about this from your local authority before the increase starts. If you don't hear from your local authority about this, you should get in touch with them.\nIf you've got any questions about Housing Benefits or any other benefits, or want to talk to someone about your financial situation, our money matters team are here to help.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-rent-is-increasing-will-my-housing-benefit-cover-this"},{"title":"I think I\u2019ve paid my rent twice?","index":"I think I\u2019ve paid my rent twice? rent overpaid, paid rent twice, i've paid my rent twice, ive paid my rent twice, recall rent, accidental rent payment, accidentally paid, i paid my rent twice, i think i've paid, i think ive paid, mistake, error, i've accidentally, ive accidentally Occasionally payments can take a while to go through and customers pay their rent twice by accident.\nIf you think this has happened to you, just contact us and we\u2019ll send you a refund form. We can then arrange for this to be refunded to you.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-think-ive-paid-my-rent-twice"},{"title":"What is Universal Credit? Can I get it?","index":"What is Universal Credit? Can I get it? universal help benefits Universal Credit has replaced these benefits for most people:\n\n Housing Benefit\n Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)\n Income-based Jobseeker\u2019s Allowance (JSA)\n Child Tax Credit\n Working Tax Credit\n Income Support\n\nYou might be able to get Universal Credit if you\u2019re not working or you\u2019re on a low income to find out, contact the Department of Works & Pensions below. \nUniversal Credit helpline:\nTelephone: 0800 328 5644Textphone: 0800 328 1344Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0800 328 5644","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-universal-credit-and-can-i-get-it"},{"title":"Can I change the date of my Direct Debit to pay my rent?","index":"Can I change the date of my Direct Debit to pay my rent? direct debit DD change date paying paid rent, how can i change, how do i change, i need to change, i need to move, how can i move, my direct debit You can change the date of your Direct Debit by sending us an email here with your details and letting us know the new Direct Debit date. We\u2019ll arrange this for you once you've sent this information over.\nIf you're not sure what date your Direct Debit is currently set up for, you may be able to find this out yourself if your bank has online banking as you should be able to see it in your Direct Debits section.\nIf you're having trouble finding this out from your bank or are still unsure, get in touch with us and we'll be able to tell you. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-change-the-date-of-my-direct-debit-to-pay-my-rent"},{"title":"My children are leaving school, will this affect my benefits?","index":"My children are leaving school, will this affect my benefits? children school benefits leaving kids teenagers affect How this affects you will depend on what your child intends to do once they leave school, and whether they choose to go into what's classed as advanced or non-advanced education or training.\nThere's lots of different things this can have an impact on, such as child tax credit and housing benefit. You can learn more by visiting our tips and advice page.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-children-are-leaving-school-will-this-affect-my-benefits"},{"title":"I've got damp and mould in my home, what should I do?","index":"I've got damp and mould in my home, what should I do? damp mould condensation mold wet cold spot repair report, ive got damp, ive got mold, ive got condensation, theres condensation, theres damp, theres mould, double glass, glass has condensation, window has condensation, my window has It's normal to experience damp, condensation or mould in your home at some point, but if it becomes a problem we\u2019ll do what we can to help you solve it.\nWe've got a useful how-to video below which explains how you can prevent and reduce the amount of damp and mould in your home. You can also find lots of other useful information and tips on this page.\nIf you've tried these tips and are still having an issue with damp, condensation or mould in your home there's also a form on that page for you to report it to us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-got-damp-and-mould-in-my-home-what-should-i-do"},{"title":"I'm moving home, what do I need to do?","index":"I'm moving home, what do I need to do? moving move removal home house new building flat apartment, moving house, moving home, im moving, i'm moving, new home, new house, i am moving, swapping, give notice If you're thinking of moving home, the first thing you'll need to do is get in touch with us and give us notice that you'll be moving.\nWe'll arrange to inspect your home to see if there's anything else you need to do before you move, such as repairs or garden maintenance that fall under your responsibility. We'll discuss our findings with you to agree a plan of action. You can see what your repair responsibilities are here.\nThere's lots more you may need to think about when moving home. We've put together a comprehensive guide to moving home here which you can use as a checklist.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-moving-home-what-do-i-need-to-do"},{"title":"What happens if I don\u2019t pay my rent?","index":"What happens if I don\u2019t pay my rent? rent, worried, debt, help, arrears, i cant pay my rent, im not able to pay my rent, im having an issue paying my rent, i cant afford to pay, i cant afford my If you don\u2019t pay your rent and we receive no contact from you, we will follow the rent arrears process as follows: \nWrite to you Telephone you Serve a notice seeking possession or notice requiring possession Write you another letter Apply to court for a hearing - at the moment this costs \u00a3394.50. We will apply to the court for you to repay this money to us as well as any other money you owe.\nContacting us early and working with us to sort out the situation and repay your arrears is the best solution. We may ask you to meet with our money matters team to review your income, expenditure and budgets. Get in touch with us if you're worried about paying your rent. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-happens-if-i-dont-pay-my-rent"},{"title":"What is a Notice Seeking Possession","index":"What is a Notice Seeking Possession What is a Notice Seeking Possession, NOSP, money, debt, help If you owe us rent or have a history of persistent non-payment of rent, we can serve you with a Notice Seeking Possession. This notice is a formal way of telling you that you have arrears or regularly have arrears on your account and that you have not kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement. We will have written to you and contacted you by phone, text or email before issuing this notice. \nFrom the date the notice is served, we expect you to make contact with us and make arrangements to repay the arrears within four weeks. It\u2019s really important that you contact us at this point to discuss your situation and how to repay this debt. If you fail to do this after four weeks, or if payment in advance as per the tenancy agreement has not been resolved, we can apply to a county court for a Possession Hearing. The notice remains valid for 12 months, which means if you fall into arrears again we can take action using the original notice. \nDon't fall into debt - contact us for help. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-a-notice-seeking-possession"},{"title":"What is a Possession Hearing?","index":"What is a Possession Hearing? Possession Hearing, debt, rent, money, The court system sets a date and time to listen to you and Magna and decide what order, if any is appropriate. \nThe court and Magna will write to you to advise you of the date and time. We will also try to reach an agreement prior to the hearing. We strongly recommend that you attend court. \nThere are a number of different decisions that the court can make: \nThey can award an immediate (absolute) Possession Order. This will mean that you have an agreed number of days, normally 28, to pay your arrears in full and legal costs. If you do not pay the arrears in full, we can apply to the court for a warrant to evict you or you may return the keys to us giving us possession of the property. If you have made an arrangement with us to reduce your rent arrears and the court thinks that you will keep to these payments, then the Possession Order may be suspended. This means that you have to pay your rent, plus the agreed amount, to reduce your arrears and comply with the order. As long as you keep to this agreement, we will not apply for a warrant for your eviction. The court may choose to adjourn the case, either for a given period of time, ie 14 days, to allow a cheque to clear, for example, or for a longer period of time, ie 12 months, during which time if your arrears persist or recur, a further hearing and order will be sought. \nWe will ask for costs to be awarded to Magna, to cover the court appearance fee we incur. We will normally ask that you pay all of our costs.\nTo avoid debt, contact our money matters team for help.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-a-possession-hearing"},{"title":"Will I be evicted for not paying rent?","index":"Will I be evicted for not paying rent? evict, eviction, debt, rent, If you don\u2019t pay the rent arrears, as set out in the Possession Order, we will inform you that we are applying to the court for a warrant to evict you. \nYou will be advised of the time and date of the eviction by the court and by us. You can apply to the court for the eviction to be suspended. The court will suspend an eviction only if you can show that you have tried to reduce your rent arrears and that you would continue to reduce the arrears if the warrant was suspended. \nWe will attend the eviction with a bailiff. We will notify your local council\u2019s homeless section and, in some cases, Social Services about your eviction. They may offer you advice and assistance. If you are evicted because of rent arrears, your local council may decide that you are intentionally homeless and that they have no duty to re-house you. \nYou should remove all your belongings from your property before the eviction. \nIt is important to remember that if you are evicted, you still have to pay back any money that you owe us, including the cost of changing the locks and any work we have to do as a result of damage to the property during your tenancy, including removal, storage and disposal of any possessions not removed by you. \nAvoid being in this situation - talk to our money matters team if you're struggling financially.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/will-i-be-evicted-for-not-paying-rent"},{"title":"My rent is increasing and I pay by Direct Debit. Do I need to do anything?","index":"My rent is increasing and I pay by Direct Debit. Do I need to do anything? Direct Debit, rent increase, payments No, we will amend your Direct Debit, so you don\u2019t need to do anything. We will send a letter in the middle of March detailing your new Direct Debit payments from April.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-rent-is-increasing-and-i-pay-by-direct-debit-do-i-need-to-do-anything"},{"title":"What benefits am I entitled to?","index":"What benefits am I entitled to? benefits, entitlement, claiming benefits, entitled to, what benefits am i, what benefits can i claim, claim benefits, money, support Our money matters team can help you to find out which benefits you might be eligible to claim. Get in touch with them here.\nThe team have also put together a list of useful resources and benefits calculators which you can use to get an idea of what you might be eligible for if you'd like to do this yourself. Just look for the section titled See what benefits you're entitled to on this page.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-benefits-am-i-entitled-to"},{"title":"Who is my housing officer?","index":"Who is my housing officer? housing officer, who is my housing officer, whos my housing officer, whos the housing officer, who is the housing officer, need to speak to housing officer, i need to speak to my housing, i want to speak to my, speak to my housing officer, how to contact housing officer, how do i contact housing officer Click here to search with your postcode to find your housing officer.\nWe've made it easy to find out who your housing officer is online. Click on the link above to visit our handy page where you can search using your postcode to find your housing officer quickly and easily.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/who-is-my-housing-officer"},{"title":"How can I make a complaint?","index":"How can I make a complaint? complaint unhappy moan bad experience dissatisfied, how can i make a complaint, i want to make a complaint, i need to make, how do i complain, how do i make a, i'd like to make, id like to make, submit complaint, write complaint, send complaint Sometimes things go wrong and customers don't get the service they expect or we fall short of the standards we've promised.\nIf you'd like to make a complaint, you can do so by filling in the form on this page.\nThe page linked above will also tell you more about how we handle complaints and when you can expect to hear back from us.\nYou can read our customer complaints policy here to learn more about how we handle complaints.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-make-a-complaint"},{"title":"How can I give a compliment?","index":"How can I give a compliment? compliment happy pleased praise commend appreciate applause We pride ourselves on the service we deliver and our colleagues are always pleased to hear when you've had a positive experience. We always try to pass on any compliments you send in to any colleagues mentioned. \nIf you'd like to give a compliment about the service you received, fill in the form on this page.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-give-a-compliment"},{"title":"I want to change or cancel my appointment","index":"I want to change or cancel my appointment repair appointment change reschedule service rearrange, change appointment, reschedule appointment, rearrange appointment, change time, when is my appointment, how can I appointment, how do i appointment, cancel, rebook, booking, i need to cancel, i want to cancel, i have to cancel, how to cancel, how to change, no longer need, cancel a repair, cancel repair, change repair, change a repair, change an appointment, rebook, i want to change, i want to cancel my request, i want to change an appointment, i want to cancel an appointment, i need to change an appointment, i need to cancel an appointment, how do i cancel a repair If it's the day of your appointment and you need to reschedule or cancel, please call us on 0800 358 6025 so that we can rearrange it as soon as possible.\nIf you need to reschedule or cancel an upcoming appointment that's not urgent, such as an upcoming repair or inspection, please get in touch with us here or try getting in touch via Facebook Messenger.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-want-to-change-or-cancel-my-appointment"},{"title":"How can I buy \/ rent from Magna?","index":"How can I buy \/ rent from Magna? homes buying renting for sale, homes for sale, homes for rent, i want to buy a home, i want to rent, how do i rent, how do i buy, how can i rent, how can i buy, houses, housing register, join housing register, how do i get on the housing register If you're looking to buy or rent from us, we've got all the information you need to get started on our website.\nI want to rent\nYou'll need a few things:One month's rent to pay in advanceNo housing-related debtProof of earningsIdentification\nYou'll also need to apply through your local authority by joining the housing register first, even if you already live in a Magna home.\n\nYou can learn more about how to apply and how you can find a home to rent from us here.\nI want to buy\nWe often have homes available to purchase through shared ownership. Take a look here.\nShared ownership is a great option for first time buyers to get on the property ladder with a smaller deposit. If you want to learn more about how shared ownership works, take a look here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-buy-rent-from-magna"},{"title":"What is the Lifeline service?","index":"What is the Lifeline service? lifeline careline support help falling detection emergency emergencies service, what is lifeline, what is careline, what is the careline, what is the lifeline, piper line, extra support, i need help, falls alarm, fall alarm, lifeline rental Our Lifeline service is available for anyone living in West Somerset, whether you live in a Magna home or not, for an affordable cost. You can watch our video at the bottom of this page to learn more about the Lifeline service.\nA Lifeline is a small unit which can be installed in your home which can be used to raise an alarm. You'll also be given a pendant, which can be worn around the wrist or neck, and will connect to the 24-hour emergency call centre when pressed who will be able to assist you if you need help.\nOur Lifeline service is a great option for elderly or vulnerable people living on their own who might benefit from the added peace of mind in knowing that there's always someone there to help if they need it. Learn more about our Lifeline service and register your interest online here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-the-lifeline-service"},{"title":"What is the home help service?","index":"What is the home help service? home helper support around housework shopping laundry extra service, i need help around the house Our home help service is available for anyone living in West Somerset, whether you live in a Magna home or not, for an affordable cost.\nWe can help with your usual day-to-day domestic tasks. This could be things such as laundry, housework, preparing light meals, doing some shopping, or collecting prescriptions. All home helps are experienced, have completed a security check, and have received full training.\nOur home help service is a great option for elderly or vulnerable people living on their own who might benefit from having a helping hand around the house to keep on top of things and someone to check in on them to make sure they're doing okay. Learn more about our home help service and register your interest online here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-the-home-help-service"},{"title":"I'd like to make an improvement to my home","index":"I'd like to make an improvement to my home improvement change upgrade decor building knock down, i'd like to make an improvement, i want to make an improvement, permission, apply for permission, applying, how do i apply, how can i apply We want you to be happy in your home and give you the freedom to make it your own. If you'd like to make an improvement, you will need to ask our permission first to make any alterations before you go ahead.\nYou'll need to let us know the details and what sort of works will be involved. We will try our best to accommodate any changes you'd like to make. We've got a full list of details here which you can take a look at.\nYou should also check with your local authority to see if you need any any other permissions, such as planning permission, before making any alterations.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/id-like-to-make-an-improvement-to-my-home"},{"title":"Where can I find details about my tenancy?","index":"Where can I find details about my tenancy? tenancy agreement lease renting tenant, where is my tenancy agreement, how can i find my tenancy agreement, what is a tenancy agreement, how do i find my tenancy agreement Your tenancy agreement is the best place to find all of the information about your tenancy. It contains information such as how much your rent is, the cost of any service charges, your responsibilities and more.\nYou should have received this when you originally moved into your home. It's really important to keep hold of your tenancy agreement, so keep it in a safe place.\nIf you can't find your tenancy agreement, or have a question about your tenancy, please get in touch with us and we'll be able to help.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/where-can-i-find-details-about-my-tenancy"},{"title":"I can't get into my customer portal account","index":"I can't get into my customer portal account customer portal online account login password reset, i can't get into my account, i can't log in, i forgot my password, how do i log in, my account isn't, username, user name, name, email address, online account access issues, login problems, account login troubleshooting, can't log into my account, cant log into my account, forgotten password help, accessing online profile, portal, account authentication, login assistance, account recovery, locked out of my account, I'm locked out of my account, im locked out of my account, password reset guide, sign in problems, online account help, account credentials issues, login error solutions, account authentication troubles, accessing user profile, forgotten login details, account lockout resolution, online account accessibility, i forgot my login details, how do i reset my password, help I'm locked out of my, help im locked out of my, i can't access my, i cant access my, trouble logging in, I'm having trouble logging in, im having trouble logging in, lost my account, account login issues, forgot my account password, unavailable, not working, changed email, changed my email, e-mal address, can not log in If you're having trouble getting into your customer portal account it could be for a number of reasons.\nIf you've forgotten or you can't remember your password, you can try resetting your password here.\nIf you're having another problem, we've got a customer portal help page with answers to our most commonly asked questions. Take a look here.\nIf you can't find the answer to your question on the help page, get in touch using our customer portal help form here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-cant-get-into-my-customer-portal-account"},{"title":"I'm still receiving letters \/ emails \/ texts but I'm no longer a Magna customer","index":"I'm still receiving letters \/ emails \/ texts but I'm no longer a Magna customer communications emails texts letters phone calls post sent, why am i still getting, why am i still being, take me off, can you take me off, please take me off, i don't want, why are you still If you're still receiving letters, emails, texts or other communications from us and you're no longer a Magna customer, we apologise for this.\nPlease get in touch with us so we can ensure that you're taken off our systems correctly.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-still-receiving-letters-emails-texts-but-im-no-longer-a-magna-customer"},{"title":"I received a letter \/ email \/ text from Magna that I'm not sure about","index":"I received a letter \/ email \/ text from Magna that I'm not sure about letter text email post call phone unsure legitimate fake scammer con claiming false, what is this letter, i received a, i got a letter, i got a call, i got a tex If you receive a letter, email, text or another communication from us and you're not sure exactly what it means, or you just want to know more about it, please get in touch with us .\nPlease beware of scams and always take a moment to question any communications you receive before taking actions or clicking on any links.\nIf you're not sure about the legitimacy of any communications you've received from us, we would also advise you to get in touch with us just to double check. Do not click any links or call any phone numbers included in any communications if you're unsure that they're legitimate - always visit our website and get in touch here to make sure you're contacting us and not a scammer.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-received-a-letter-email-text-from-magna-that-im-not-sure-about"},{"title":"My communal bins are overflowing","index":"My communal bins are overflowing communal bins overflowing overfilled spilling rubbish trash garbage dumpster wheelie wheely messy, my bins are overflowing, my bin is overflowing, the bins are overflowing Our caretakers empty communal bins regularly, but we know that sometimes there can be an influx of rubbish between collections, meaning that the bins start to get overfilled. If it's causing a problem, you should get in touch with us and let us know.\nIt's important to remember to separate your waste properly and recycle whenever you can. This will help to stop communal bins from overflowing. We may charge you if you misuse communal bins and facilities, so please be mindful of how you're disposing of your waste. You can learn more about how to properly dispose of different types of waste here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-communal-bins-are-overflowing"},{"title":"How do I pay \/ apply for a parking permit?","index":"How do I pay \/ apply for a parking permit? payment buying parking cars vans, how do i pay, how can i pay, how do i get, how do i apply, i need to apply, permit, who is responsible for parking, my parking, i have to pay for parking, do i have to pay for parking To be able to park outside some of our homes you may have to pay a recurring charge or apply for a parking permit. In these cases, car parks or on-street parking is usually managed by a third-party company who you'll need to contact in order to pay any charges or apply for a permit.\nIf parking outside your home requires payment or a parking permit, you should have been made aware of this when you moved in.\nIf you're not sure who manages the car parks where you park your vehicle, or you're not sure about something else related to parking, please get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-pay-apply-for-a-parking-permit"},{"title":"I'm not getting any hot water","index":"I'm not getting any hot water hot water heating warm taps putting out getting, im not getting, my hot water isnt, hot water isnt, no hot water, i have no hot water, there's no hot water, theres no hot water, there is no hot water, my water If you're not getting any hot water, there's a few things you can try to see if you can get it working again. Watch our how-to video below to find out how.\nIf your hot water still isn't working after trying these steps, you should report this to us here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-not-getting-any-hot-water"},{"title":"How do I book a guest bedroom?","index":"How do I book a guest bedroom? bedroom room guest stay over hotel family visiting sheltered housing scheme, i want to book, i need to book, how can i book, how do i book, id like to book, booking staying, annex Some of our sheltered schemes have guest bedrooms which family members can book to stay over when visiting, for a small charge.\nWe've got a complete list of which schemes have guest bedrooms available and a form where you can book a room here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-book-a-guest-bedroom"},{"title":"I need an adaptation for a disability","index":"I need an adaptation for a disability disability disabled wheelchair abled adaptation adapted grab rail stair lift, my home needs, my house needs, i need an, can you help, im disabled, i'm disabled, mobility, aid, rails for steps, stairlift We're able to help by installing minor adaptations to your home free of charge to make it more accessible for you, such as grab rails or additional sockets for medical equipment.\nIf you need a major change to your home, such as a stair lift or a ramp, then you need to get in touch with your local authority to request an occupational therapist assessment. We've got more information about this process here. \nOnce you've had a major adaptation fitted to your home, it's important to get in touch with us and let us know as we may be able to help maintain it for you.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-need-an-adaptation-for-a-disability"},{"title":"I'm experiencing domestic abuse","index":"I'm experiencing domestic abuse domestic abuse violence hurting abusing help support resources, im experiencing, im being abused, ive been abused, my partner is We're committed to helping and supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse and understand how damaging it can be to experience domestic abuse in your home.\nWe've got lots of information and useful resources on our website that we encourage anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse to visit and have a look through on this page here. This page also includes resources and support for those who are worried about hurting someone.\nAlways call 999 immediately if you are in any danger.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/im-experiencing-domestic-abuse"},{"title":"Can I have a pet in my home?","index":"Can I have a pet in my home? pets dogs cats reptiles fish birds, can i have a pet, can i keep a pet, keep pet, animals, i have a pet, my pet You can keep pets in many of our homes, you just need to fill in a form to apply and let us know you'd like to have a pet.\nWe usually allow pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other small mammals and exotic pets.\nYou can apply to keep a pet here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-have-a-pet-in-my-home"},{"title":"How can I join Magna?","index":"How can I join Magna? careers jobs join magna hiring hire work, how can i join magna, do you have any jobs, can i join magna, can i work for magna, team magna, are you hiring We're the place where talented and ambitious people enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers in an inspirational environment.\nThere's a variety of work you can get involved in here at Magna. So, whether you've trades skills, you're a people person, you're good with numbers, or are looking for an apprenticeship to kickstart your career, we've got an opportunity for you.\nIf you'd like to join us, you can see what opportunities we have available here on our website.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-join-magna"},{"title":"I've got a community project that needs funding","index":"I've got a community project that needs funding community improvement fund funding money donation donate local project event charity group activity activities, i need funding, apply for funding, applying, can you help, help with funding, initiatives We love to support great initiatives in our local communities. If you've got a project or event that needs funding, or know of one that does, we have a community improvement fund which anyone can apply for.\nWe'll work with you to help fund projects, events, charities and more if we think they'll benefit our customers and the local area.\nLearn more about our community improvement fund and apply online here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-got-a-community-project-that-needs-funding"},{"title":"Will I be getting a new fire door?","index":"Will I be getting a new fire door? fires doors safety, fire door, replacing new door replaced fitting fitted installed installing, will i be getting, am i getting, are you fitting, will you be fitting, fire door replacement, new fire door installation, fire safety measures, door upgrades, fire door assessment, fire door inspection, safety upgrades, property security, building safety, housing maintenance, fire safety improvements, fire door information, door replacement programme, safety enhancements, housing security measures, fire door installation process, door replacement, fire door upkeep, housing upgrades, am i eligible for a new, do i qualify for a, how can i get a new, is a new fire door, what's the process, whats the process, can i request, how does the fire door, who is responsible, will my property receive We're replacing some of our older fire doors to ensure that they meet current regulations and safety standards.\nIf your door is due to be replaced, we'll be in touch with you to let you know. You can find more information about the new doors here.\nIt's very important that your fire door is up to standard so that you can remain safe in your home. If the date we give you to replace your door doesn't work for you, you should let us know as soon as possible so that we can rearrange it for you. We've got another help centre article here which tells you how you can change an appointment with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/will-i-be-getting-a-new-fire-door"},{"title":"I want to speak to someone","index":"I want to speak to someone i want to speak to someone, talk phones ring call, speaking, can i speak to someone, how do i talk to, how can i talk to, i need to talk, telephone, whats the phone number, what's the phone number, what is the phone number, phone number, magna email address, emails, via email, i want to email, how do i email, how can i email, i have a question, i have a query, i need help, telephone number to call, talk to someone We understand that sometimes you might just want to speak to someone if you have a question, and we offer lots of ways to do this.\nYou can use our website's live chat feature by clicking on the red chat bubble icon in the bottom left of the page. You can always find this no matter where you are on our website. Click here to learn more about how to use live chat.\nYou can also email us at or speak to us on Facebook Messenger if you prefer to do things online. You'll need a Facebook account to talk to us on Facebook Messenger, but it's free to sign up.\nOr you can call us on 0800 358 6025 if you'd prefer to speak to us over the phone.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-want-to-speak-to-someone"},{"title":"I've not heard back about my repair","index":"I've not heard back about my repair repairs repairing reported, i've not heard back, ive not heard back, i'm waiting for, im waiting for, response, i am waiting, can i have an update, i want an update, you've not got back, youve not got back, updates, updating, booked, booking, can you book, report a repair, reply, no reply, why do you not reply, why dont you reply, why don't you reply, i emailed, i reported If you've reported a repair to us and are still waiting to hear from us about it, you should get in touch with us and let us know.\nWe always try to respond and get a repair booked in for you as soon as possible when you report one. If you've not reported your repair yet, you can do it online here.\nWe apologise for any inconvenience caused if you're still waiting for a response.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-not-heard-back-about-my-repair"},{"title":"Do you provide sandbags?","index":"Do you provide sandbags? sandbags, flooding, sand, bags, floods, water, heavy rainfall, i need sandbags, do you provide sandbags, do you have sandbags, can i have sandbags, i live in a flood risk area If your home is at risk of flooding and you need sandbags get in touch with your local council on the following links:\nFlood prevention and sandbags - Somerset Council \n\n\n \n\n\nSandbags and local flooding advice - Dorset Council","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-you-provide-sandbags"},{"title":"I've got noisy neighbours","index":"I've got noisy neighbours noisy neighbours loud people children playing noises loud banging shouting screaming music, loud music, loud arguments, my neighbours are, i have had enough of my neighbours, neighbours playing loud music, my neighbour is, noise nuisance, very loud, i've got noisy neighbours, ive got noisy neighbours, dealing with noisy, what should i do if my neighbours, my neighbours are keeping me awake, my neighbours are making a lot of noise, excessive noise, what are my rights when dealing, noise complaints We understand having noisy neighbours can be frustrating, but sometimes people report problems which aren't a nuisance according to the law.\nThis includes things such as children playing, one-off parties, or normal household noise such as vacuuming or occasional door slamming. The law doesn't class this kind of activity as a nuisance.\nHowever, if you're experiencing constant noise nuisance from your neighbours then this is classed as anti-social behaviour, and you should report this to us so that we can investigate.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/ive-got-noisy-neighbours"},{"title":"How do I change my customer portal email address?","index":"How do I change my customer portal email address? customer portal, email address, emails, account, details, login, cant get in, can't get in, password, forgot password, i forgot my password, how do i reset my password, how do i change my password, how can i reset, how can i change, i need to change, i need to update my email, update email, change email, new email, edit account, i want to use a new email, i need to use a new email, how do i update, can i update, can i change You can change your email address in your account details once you've logged in.\nLook for the section with the heading My Contacts and click on the small pencil icon in the top right of the section to edit your details. Then you can find your current email address and change it to your new one.\nIf you're having any trouble getting into your account, try the steps listed here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-change-my-customer-portal-email-address"},{"title":"Where can I store my mobility scooter?","index":"Where can I store my mobility scooter? mobility scooter, where can i store my, where can i charge my, charging my scooter, charging my mobility, storing my mobility, where can i put, where can i leave, where can i park, mobility scooter parking, i don't know where to, i dont know where to, there's nowhere to put, theres nowhere to put It's important that you store your mobility scooter somewhere safe, as they can be a risk to others if not stored properly.\nWe don't allow mobility scooters to be stored in communal areas, either inside or outside, and this applies to visitors as well.\nYou may be able to store your scooter inside your home or in a dedicated charging facility, but you'll need permission from us first. We'll let you know the safety requirements that you'll have to comply with in order to store it in your home etc when we give you permission.\nIt's also very important that you're charging your mobility scooter safely, plugging it into a dedicated plug and not into an extension lead, as this could be a fire risk.\nIf you need help finding somewhere to store your mobility scooter, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/where-can-i-store-my-mobility-scooter"},{"title":"I have limited mobility, what do I do in the event of a fire?","index":"I have limited mobility, what do I do in the event of a fire? fire safety, limited mobility, mobile, wheelchair, stairlift, i can't walk, i cant walk, how do i evacuate, i cant evacuate, i can't evacuate, fire alarm, how do i get out, i can't get out, i cant get out Keeping our customers safe is our top priority, and ensuring you're able to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of a fire is very important to us.\nIf you're worried about getting out of your home quickly in the event of a fire due to a disability or mobility problem, you should get in touch with us and let us know.\nIf you keep medical oxygen in your home you should let us know about this too.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-have-limited-mobility-what-do-i-do-in-the-event-of-a-fire"},{"title":"I want a different coloured kitchen \/ bathroom","index":"I want a different coloured kitchen \/ bathroom kitchens, bathrooms, new kitchen, new bathroom, kitchen colours, bathroom colours, kitchen choices, bathroom choices, i want a different colour, can i change my colour choice, i want to change my colour choice, how do i change my colour, how can i change my colour, change my choices, change my colour, change my kitchen, change my bathroom, refurbishments, installing, fitting We refurbish the kitchens and bathrooms in our homes from time to time to keep things looking fresh and up-to-date. If your kitchen or bathroom is due to be refurbished, we will be in touch with you.\nWe offer a variety of choices when it comes to how your new kitchen or bathroom will look, and you can find them on our website by clicking on the links below:Kitchen choicesBathroom choices\nIf at any point you change your mind on what choices you'd like, you should get in touch with us and let us know.\nWe may be able to help you change your choices prior to the refurbishment taking place, but we won't be able to accommodate changing these once it has already started or the work has been completed.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-want-a-different-coloured-kitchen-bathroom"},{"title":"Can I sublet my home or have a lodger?","index":"Can I sublet my home or have a lodger? i want to sublet, can i sublet, can i rent out my home, i want to rent out my home, renting, subletting, landlord, lodgers, can i take in a lodger, can i have a lodger, i want a lodger, am i allowed a lodger, am i allowed to have a lodger, my friend wants to move in, lodging, sofa surfing, homeless You can't let out your home and live somewhere else as this would go against your tenancy agreement and be classed as tenancy fraud, and this applies to all of our tenancies as well as shared ownership. However, if you're an assured tenant you may be able to take in a lodger.\nA lodger is someone who pays to use a room in your home and share your facilities, such as your kitchen and bathroom. If you want to take in a lodger, you need to inform us in writing before they move in.\nWe've got lots more information about lodgers, including what your responsibilities are, here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-sublet-my-home-or-have-a-lodger"},{"title":"What is an emergency repair and how do I report it?","index":"What is an emergency repair and how do I report it? repair emergency priority, emergencies, repairs, what is an emergency, i need to report an emergency, gas leak, i have a gas leak, my home is flooded, my house is flooded, my flat is flooded, my apartment is flooded, i've had a gas leak, ive had a gas leak, flooding, how do i report an emergency, my electric isn't working, my electric isnt working, my electricity, not working, my water isnt working, my water isn't working, no water, i've got no water, ive got no water, my heating isn't working, my heating isnt working, my heating won't turn on, my heating wont turn on, my drain is blocked, blocked drain, my pipes have burst, bursting, pipes, my door is broken, broken door, my smoke detector isn't working, my smoke detector isnt working, blocked toilet, my toilet is blocked, i have a blocked toilet, my roof is leaking, our roof is leaking, leaking roof, emergency repair, fallen tree If something major has broken or been damaged where there's a serious, immediate risk to your health and safety or the security of your home, we'd class this as an emergency requiring a priority repair. We'd always recommend that you call us as soon as possible to let us know on 0800 358 6025.\nSome examples of a priority repair would be a complete loss of your electric or water supply, flood or accident damage, or if your only toilet is blocked.\nWe'll always carry out priority repairs before we arrange other repairs, and will try to get out to you as soon as possible. You can learn more about what we class as a priority repair here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-is-an-emergency-repair-and-how-do-i-report-it"},{"title":"Do I have to organise gas safety checks?","index":"Do I have to organise gas safety checks? gas safety checks, service, serviced, servicing, boilers, gas boiler, do i need my boiler serviced, do i need to service my boiler, when are you coming to service my boiler, when do you service, does magna service my boiler, gas leak If you rent from us and have a gas appliance or meter, we will organise and carry out gas safety checks for you annually and let you know when we're coming. You can find out more about what's involved in these checks here.\nIf you're a homeowner, you are responsible for organising gas safety checks in your home. We would recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually just to make sure it's working properly","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-have-to-organise-gas-safety-checks"},{"title":"Do I have any upcoming appointments?","index":"Do I have any upcoming appointments? upcoming appointments repairs booked booking scheduled arranged, do i have any, upcoming repairs, booked repairs, have i booked, have i got, are there any, visits, when will the decorator arrive, when will the, when are you, when are they, what time is, which time is, when can i expect, when should i expect, do i have an appointment today If you're not sure if you've got any repairs booked or other visits from us arranged, you may be able to check this on your customer portal account.\nYou should also have been provided with a time slot for when we'll be visiting you.\nIf you can't see anything on your account and are still unsure, get in touch with us and we'll take a look for you.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-have-any-upcoming-appointments"},{"title":"What happens if a customer dies?","index":"What happens if a customer dies? death, died, dies, dying, passed away, passed on, no longer with us, what happens if, my mum has died, my dad has died, my sister has died, my brother has died, my wife has died, my husband has died, my partner has died, my friend has died, my aunt has died, my uncle has died If you know someone who lived in a Magna home that has died, we're here to help guide you through the process of what happens with their home next.\nIn certain circumstances their home can be passed on to someone else. If they were a joint tenant, the surviving tenant will become the sole tenant of that home.\nWhat happens next will vary for every customer and their living situation, so we'd advise that you get in touch with us when you're ready to talk to us about this.\nIf you're a Magna customer and would like to know what would happen in your situation, please also get in touch with us and we'd be happy to discuss this with you.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/what-happens-if-a-customer-dies"},{"title":"Do I need a TV Licence?","index":"Do I need a TV Licence? tv licence, tv license, television, programmes, watching, do i need a tv licence, tv licensing, do i have to have, i dont want, i don't want, i no longer You'll need a TV Licence if you're watching or recording live TV programmes, as well as to use BBC iPlayer, whether the shows you're watching are live, catch-up, on-demand, downloaded or streamed.\nHowever, there are discounts available if you meet certain criteria, and you might not need one at all depending on what services you use to watch TV programmes.\nWe've got more information about TV Licences here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-need-a-tv-licence"},{"title":"How do I apply for a mortgage?","index":"How do I apply for a mortgage? mortgages, if i need a mortgage, i need a mortgage, do i need a mortgage, renting, shared ownership, buying, staircasing, if i want to, how do i apply for a mortgage, can you help me apply If you're looking to buy a shared ownership home from us, you may need a mortgage for the share of your home that you own.\nOnce you've found your home, you'll need to complete a free financial assessment with a mortgage advisor from our panel. Even if you're a cash buyer you'll need to speak to a mortgage advisor. They'll be able to confirm your eligibility.\nOnce you've been assessed, the mortgage advisor can help you to arrange a mortgage. You can also use another mortgage advisor that isn't on our panel to arrange this if you wish.\nYou can learn more about the process here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-apply-for-a-mortgage"},{"title":"When does my tenancy start \/ end?","index":"When does my tenancy start \/ end? tenancy started ended, ending, ends, starts, when does my tenancy, when is my tenancy, when do i move, when do i need to, my tenancy, i want to know when, can you tell me when, agreement, tenant, tenants, moving, move in, move out, my tenancy You can find out this information in your tenancy agreement. You'll have received this when you originally moved into your home.\nYour tenancy agreement also contains information such as how much your rent is, the cost of any service charges, your responsibilities and more.\nIf you can't find your tenancy agreement, or have another question about your start or end date, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/when-does-my-tenancy-start-end"},{"title":"Can I get fibre broadband installed?","index":"Can I get fibre broadband installed? fibre broadband fiber internet wifi wi-fi online website installed installation fitted, i want fibre, i want fiber, how do i get, how can i get, can i get, can i have, upgraded, dig, dug, am i allowed, am i able to Installing fibre broadband in your area can sometimes require your supplier to dig up the road, your driveway, or other places if they haven't installed it in your area yet. Your supplier will be able to let you know if you can switch to fibre broadband without any extra work involved. \nRead the sections below to find out what your responsibilities are if fibre broadband hasn't been installed in your area yet:If you live in a house or bungalow\nYou won't need our permission to get fibre broadband installed if you live in a house or a bungalow, even if extra work is required by your supplier to install it. This should always be the case, but your supplier will be able to let you know if you need to do anything else.If you live in a flat\nYou may be able to get fibre broadband installed, but you should ask your supplier to contact us for permission to install it first. Most suppliers will contact us to ask anyway, but it's worth you letting them know just to make sure.\nIf you want to get fibre broadband installed and still aren't sure what your responsibilities are, please get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-get-fibre-broadband-installed"},{"title":"My home has flooded, what do I do?","index":"My home has flooded, what do I do? flooding, flooded, water, ingress, water ingress, tide, my home has flooded, ive had a flood, i've had a flood, there's a flood, theres a flood, it has flooded, priority repair, emergency If you have been hit with a severe flood, please call us on 0800 358 6025 straight away.\nIt's very important that you call us on the number above to report a flood instead of contacting us by email or other methods. This is the quickest way for us to get help out to you in an emergency.\nThe safety of our customers is our number one priority, and we'll always respond as quickly as possible when severe flooding puts you or your home at risk.\nWe have some other useful help centre articles about flooding here:How can I prevent flooding?Do you provide sandbags?","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-home-has-flooded-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"My smoke alarm isn't working","index":"My smoke alarm isn't working smoke alarms detector, smoke detector, fires, safety, risk, repair, not working, my smoke alarm isn't working, my smoke alarm isnt working, smoke alarm not working, smoke detector not working, my smoke detector, can you fix my smoke alarm, please fix my smoke, please repair my smoke It's important to test your smoke alarms periodically to make sure that they're working properly.\nWe've got a how-to video which explains the differences between mains and battery-operated smoke alarms and how to test them here.\nIt's a good idea to test your smoke alarms at least once per month.\nIf you've tested your smoke alarm and it's not working as it should, or it's damaged or missing, you should report a repair.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-smoke-alarm-isnt-working"},{"title":"How do I find out how long is left on my lease?","index":"How do I find out how long is left on my lease? leaseholders, lease agreement, my lease, leasing, shared ownership, how long is left on my lease, how do i find out how long, how can i find out how long, caren welsh, i need to know, i need to find out, i want to find out, i want to know, can i find out, tenancy agreement If you're a shared owner or leaseholder you'll have a lease for your home. You can find out how long is left on your lease in your lease agreement which you should have received when you originally moved into your home.\nYou can find out more about leases here.\nIf you can't find your lease agreement or aren't sure about any details regarding your lease, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-find-out-how-long-is-left-on-my-lease"},{"title":"How do I extend my lease?","index":"How do I extend my lease? lease extensions, lease renewal, renewing, renewed, leaseholders, shared ownership, lease agreement, tenancy agreement, how do i extend my lease, my lease needs extending, i need to extend, i need to renew, i want to extend, i want to renew, can i extend, can i renew, how can i extend, how can i renew, how do i renew, extend lease If your lease needs extending, we'll arrange a valuation on your home first using an RICS registered chartered surveyor. You'll have to pay for the valuation, and it's non-refundable whether or not you decide to extend your lease.\nHow much it costs to extend your lease will vary depending on things like the size of your home, the area, how long is left on the lease and more.\nYou'll also be responsible for paying towards our legal expenses involved in extending your lease. You can learn more about lease extensions here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-extend-my-lease"},{"title":"Can I view my garage on my customer portal account?","index":"Can I view my garage on my customer portal account? garages, customer portal, my garages, i cant see my garage, i can't see my garage, add garage to customer portal, where is my garage, how can i see my garage, how do i see my garage, im looking for, i'm looking for, rent garage, rental garage, i rent a garage, i have a garage If you rent a garage from us, you should be able to see it on your customer portal account.\nTo find and manage your garage on the customer portal, click on the drop-down box at the top of the page and select it.\nIf your garage isn't appearing on your account, get in touch with us.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-view-my-garage-on-my-customer-portal-account"},{"title":"How can I report a parking issue?","index":"How can I report a parking issue? parking, parked, parks, cars, vehicles, vans, trucks, motorbikes, motorcycles, bikes, mopeds, pickups, lorry, issue, report parking, nuisance parking, i want to report, i need to report, how do i report, how can i report, parking problem, abandoned car, untaxed, someone parked in my space, car space, parking space, parking spot, multi storey, multistorey, multi-storey We usually aren't responsible for resolving parking disputes. The only time we may be able to help is if a vehicle has been abandoned in your area. You can find out more about how to report this here.\nIf your home has a car park which is used for storing your vehicle and you want to dispute a fine or report an issue, you'll need to get in touch with the third-party company that manages the car park. We don't manage any car parks which are used by our customers to store their vehicles at their home.\nIf you want to report an issue with a vehicle parked on a public highway, you'll need to get in touch with your local authority or the police depending on the nature of the issue.\nWe've included some useful links below:Report a parking problem with Dorset CouncilParking and other road information for Somerset CouncilParking and other road information for North Somerset CouncilReport a parking problem with Devon County Council","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-can-i-report-a-parking-issue"},{"title":"Can I install an EV charger?","index":"Can I install an EV charger? electric vehicles, electric car, ev charger, charging point, electric charger, car charger, i want to install, can i install, can i fit, ev charging, parking, cars, electric car charging point, hybrid, plug in If you want to install an electric vehicle (EV) charger at your home, you'll need permission from us first.\nWe'll have to assess your home and permission will be granted following a successful assessment.\nGet in touch with us to discuss this.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/can-i-install-an-ev-charger"},{"title":"How do I report damp and mould?","index":"How do I report damp and mould? Damp mould condensation report Need to report damp and mould in your home? You can do this here. ","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-report-damp-and-mould"},{"title":"I want to pay my rent by Direct Debit","index":"I want to pay my rent by Direct Debit direct debit, rent, payment, paying, pay my rent, i want to use direct debit, direct debit form, i want to apply for direct debit, how can i pay by direct debit, standing order, monthly, weekly, pay rent To set up Direct Debit to pay your rent, log in to your customer portal account.\nYou can set up your rent to be paid by Direct Debit so that it's paid securely and on time. You can set this up to be collected from your bank account on any day of the month that suits you.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-want-to-pay-my-rent-by-direct-debit"},{"title":"When does the grass get cut?","index":"When does the grass get cut? grass cutting, lawn mower mowing, trimming, cutting grass, when do you cut the grass, when is the grass, when is my grass, the grass needs cutting, grass needs cutting, my grass needs cutting, our grass, overgrown, getting long We usually start cutting the grass in our communal areas towards the end of March each year, until the middle of November.\nWhen we start can depend on how firm the ground is and how fast or slow the grass is growing. Our estate services team regularly check these things to make sure they start cutting the grass at the right time.\nYou can learn more about grass cutting here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/when-does-the-grass-get-cut"},{"title":"I need a stair lift in my home","index":"I need a stair lift in my home i need a stairlift, i need a stair lift, how do i get a stairlift, how do i get a stair lift, adaptations, disability, disabled, I'm disabled, Im disabled, i have a disability, mobility, can't walk, stairs, steps If you think that you home needs a major adaptation like a stair lift, you'll need to get in touch with your local council to request an occupational therapist assessment. They will then visit you and assess your needs.\nDepending on the outcome of your assessment, the council may fund your adaptation. We're not able to install a stair lift or any other major adaptations for you.\nYou can learn more about what to do and who to get in touch with here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-need-a-stair-lift-in-my-home"},{"title":"My stair lift is broken","index":"My stair lift is broken stairlift, stair lift, my stair lift isn't working, my stair lift isnt working, my stairlift, stairlift not working, broken stair lift, broken stairlift, adaptations, adapted, disabled, disability, mobility If you have any major adaptations in your home such as a stair lift, bath hoist, or something similar then it's important that you let us know as soon as these are installed so that we can help you to maintain them.\nIf your adaptation isn't working as it should be, you should get in contact with us straight away.\nIn some cases we may not be able to help, and you may need to get in contact with your local council or the organisation that installed your adaptation to find out what to do next. We've got some useful links to the council webpages you might need here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-stair-lift-is-broken"},{"title":"How long does a gas boiler service take?","index":"How long does a gas boiler service take? gas boiler service, how long does a gas boiler service take, how much time does, how much time will, how long will, servicing, gas safety check A gas boiler service usually takes about an hour to complete.\nIt's a good idea to keep the area around your boiler clear so that our operatives can get to it easily and complete the service as quickly as possible.\nWe will organise your gas boiler service for you and let you know when we're coming. If you can't keep this appointment, please get in touch with us to let us know.\nIf you're a homeowner, it's your responsibility to organise your gas boiler service. We would recommend doing this annually to make sure it's safe and working properly.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-long-does-a-gas-boiler-service-take"},{"title":"Do I need permission for a dropped kerb?","index":"Do I need permission for a dropped kerb? dropped kerb, i want a dropped kerb, do i need permission for, lower kerb, no kerb, how do i get a dropped kerb, apply for a dropped kerb, how do i apply for a dropped kerb, how can i get a dropped kerb, i need a dropped kerb, accessibility, accessible, wheelchair, mobility scooter If you'd like a dropped kerb outside your home, you'll need to seek permission from your local authority.\nYou can use this handy tool on the government's website to search by postcode to find the right information for your local authority.\nYour local authority are responsible for maintaining public footpaths and roads, so you won't need permission from us to install a dropped kerb.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/do-i-need-permission-for-a-dropped-kerb"},{"title":"How do I use live chat?","index":"How do I use live chat? live chat, talk to someone, i want to speak to someone, talk phones ring call, speaking, can i speak to someone, how do i talk to, how can i talk to, i need to talk, telephone, whats the phone number, what's the phone number, what is the phone number, phone number, magna email address, emails, via email, i want to email, how do i email, how can i email, i have a question, i have a query, i need help, telephone number to call, talk to someone, website We've got a new live chat feature on our website where you can talk to our team and get answers to your questions quickly.\nIf you look in the bottom right corner of your screen, you'll see a small red chat bubble. Click on it to open it up and start talking to us.\nWatch the video below to learn how to use it.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-use-live-chat"},{"title":"How do I use my air source heat pump?","index":"How do I use my air source heat pump? air source heat pump, heating, air source heating, heat pumps, boiler, central heating, how do i use my air source heat pump, how to use air source heating, using air source, manage, turn up, turn down If your home has an air source heat pump you can use the thermostat in your home it to control the temperature in the same way you'd use a thermostat for a traditional boiler.\nYou can use the radiators in your home in the same way you would with a traditional boiler too.\nIt's important to remember not to turn off your air source heat pump. They are designed to always stay on, and they won't run as efficiently if you turn them off.\nWe've got lots more information on air source heat pumps here, so have a read through and get to know it.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/how-do-i-use-my-air-source-heat-pump"},{"title":"I have a water leak, what do I do?","index":"I have a water leak, what do I do? water leak, i have a water leak, water is leaking, there is a water leak, how do i report a water leak, fix water leak, water dripping, tap, toilet, bath, kitchen, sink If you have a major water leak in your home, it's important that you call us immediately on 0800 358 6025 to let us know.\nIf the leak doesn't pose an immediate problem, you can report a repair to us here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/i-have-a-water-leak-what-do-i-do"},{"title":"My gutters are blocked, can you help?","index":"My gutters are blocked, can you help? Gutters, blocked, clear gutters, guttering, pipes, We only unblock gutters for customers who live in sheltered homes, or in blocks of flats. Or, if a surveyor has identified that blocked gutters are a cause of damp and mould in your home. \nIf none of the above apply to you, it is your responsibility to unblock your gutters and keep them clear.\nIf the above does apply, you can book for your gutters to be cleared here.","url":"https:\/\/\/help-centre\/articles\/my-gutters-are-blocked-can-you-help"}]

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