What is a Notice Seeking Possession

If you owe us rent or have a history of persistent non-payment of rent, we can serve you with a Notice Seeking Possession. This notice is a formal way of telling you that you have arrears or regularly have arrears on your account and that you have not kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement. We will have written to you and contacted you by phone, text or email before issuing this notice.

From the date the notice is served, we expect you to make contact with us and make arrangements to repay the arrears within four weeks. It’s really important that you contact us at this point to discuss your situation and how to repay this debt. If you fail to do this after four weeks, or if payment in advance as per the tenancy agreement has not been resolved, we can apply to a county court for a Possession Hearing. The notice remains valid for 12 months, which means if you fall into arrears again we can take action using the original notice.

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