Will I be evicted for not paying rent?

If you don’t pay the rent arrears, as set out in the Possession Order, we will inform you that we are applying to the court for a warrant to evict you.

You will be advised of the time and date of the eviction by the court and by us. You can apply to the court for the eviction to be suspended. The court will suspend an eviction only if you can show that you have tried to reduce your rent arrears and that you would continue to reduce the arrears if the warrant was suspended.

We will attend the eviction with a bailiff. We will notify your local council’s homeless section and, in some cases, Social Services about your eviction. They may offer you advice and assistance. If you are evicted because of rent arrears, your local council may decide that you are intentionally homeless and that they have no duty to re-house you.

You should remove all your belongings from your property before the eviction.

It is important to remember that if you are evicted, you still have to pay back any money that you owe us, including the cost of changing the locks and any work we have to do as a result of damage to the property during your tenancy, including removal, storage and disposal of any possessions not removed by you.

Avoid being in this situation - talk to our money matters team if you're struggling financially.

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