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Magna Housing owns garages throughout Dorset and Somerset.  You don't have to be a Magna resident to rent a garage from us.


The prices start at £34.57 per month, excluding VAT, up to £51.21 per month, excluding VAT (effective from 1 April 2018). VAT is payable if you are not a Magna resident, or if your household has more than one garage.

Somerset garages

If you would like to rent a garage in Somerset please apply through HomefinderSomerset.  

See a complete list of all garages currently available in Somerset.

Dorset garages

If you would like to go on to our Dorset waiting list, please fill in the application form.  We will contact you as soon as a garage becomes available.

Email us for more information or phone us on 01305 216062.

Please enter the town or village where you would like to rent a garage in the search box below to see where we have garages available and the rental price (per month).

Garage search

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