We’d like to take moment to honour Nick Hallet’s incredible milestone of 45 years of continuous service with Magna, making him our longest-serving colleague.

Nick joined us when he was 19 as a general labourer in 1978, when what would later become Magna was part of West Dorset District Council. He said “I did that for about three years, then I moved up to a bricklayer’s labourer. As I got more confident, I started getting some tools and was allowed to do more.

“During the summer it was grass-cutting and during the winter we did hedge-cutting and shrub beds. We got involved with the coastal works at West Bay and Lyme Regis, repairing the mooring chains during the winter.

“We never had a uniform in those days. You wore your own clothes, which used to get absolutely filthy, sank in all that mud, stinking and everything. You had wellingtons but you had to keep moving. You can’t stand around or you start sinking!”

Nick has worked in a variety of roles performing a vast array of duties across his 45 years, including clearing homes from flooding, working as a car park attendant, clearing snow, and unblocking sewers; and he now works as a Grounds Maintenance Operative. Nick continued:

“I came onto grounds maintenance in 2004. Since then, I’ve done rounds in Bridport, Sherborne, and Dorchester. I taught Gavin, my current manager, the Sherborne rounds. We were crewed together when he started, then he took over!

“I know loads of people in these areas, and the customers always make me a cup of tea. I’ve worked with plumbers, carpenters, and bricklayers. Whenever they wanted help, I would say ‘Yeah, I’ll give you a hand.’

“I like being outside, I don’t like sitting indoors. I’d rather be out doing something. There’s always something to do on a site.”

Nick talked about some of the many changes during his career:

“I’ve seen a few changes; iPads, different managers, logos, and uniforms. The names of our offices have changed too. Our current Dorchester office used to be an old meat factory, and our trailers and mowers used to sit underneath it!

“Our team’s based just outside Dorchester on a farm now. I love it out there, it’s a bit of peace and quiet. We all get on alright. I’m a team player and I know all the back ways - I’ve got to pass it on!”

We’re honoured that Nick has chosen to spend his career with us, helping our customers along the way and helping us in our goal of #creatinggreathomestogether.

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