In preparation for the changes in legislation, we will be carrying out fire door checks in blocks of flats every three months. This is a really important inspection as fire doors play an essential role in preventing and slowing the spread of smoke and toxic gases if a fire starts.

We’re working in partnership with Savills to carry out these inspections and continue to make sure all fire doors meet the required standards and that they are properly maintained.

Over the coming weeks, someone from Savills will visit your block of flats. They will place a small adhesive QR code label on every door within the communal areas, including flat entrance doors. The QR code labels are small and discreet, measuring 20mm x 20mm, and they will be placed in the top corner of each door on the hinge side. This label simply allows us to record information on the type / condition of the door and log future inspections.

After the QR code labels have been fitted, someone from Savills will visit at least once every three months to check the fire doors. Every flat entrance door must be checked at least once a year, so they may knock on doors during one of their visits and ask permission to inspect a door on both sides. This inspection should only take a few minutes at most, and we ask that customers please allow access.

If you have any questions, please phone our contact centre 0800 3586025 or email and the team will be happy to help.