We understand that the loss of habitat from building works can sometimes have a devastating effect on local wildlife, which is why we’re always looking at new ways to help preserve the local ecosystems that surround all of the building works that we do.

We plan to fit bee bricks in the walls of some of our new homes to provide a safe place for solitary bees to live, create their nests, and lay eggs. Along with this, we also plan to plant native species and wildlife-friendly shrubs and plants at these developments in order to provide food for bees and other wildlife, ensuring our bee bricks are used by bees for years to come.

We also plan to install bat boxes at some of our new developments to provide bats with a safe space to roost in and to help them thrive, as well as moving hedgerows to maintain habitat connectivity for bats and other wildlife where appropriate. This plan also includes bird boxes at some of our developments too.

We’ve already installed fencing with hedgehog holes at some of our homes, and we plan to continue with this to provide hedgehogs with a safe passage to move around.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, and we want to make a positive difference to our local environment and to our customers. We want to ensure that we maximise opportunities to support carbon reduction such as rewilding common areas, improving landscaping and tree management arrangements, and providing safe shelter for the wildlife in our local ecosystems.

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