For our last story during National Apprenticeship Week, we’d like you to meet Josie and Lorraine, two Digital Change Architects at Magna who are both doing a Level 4 Business Analyst apprenticeship alongside their full-time roles.

Josie and Lorraine both work in our digital team. They are always busy helping to improve different processes, using insight and data, to help Magna provide the best possible customer experience in every corner of the business. Lorraine said:

“Josie and I have worked together since collaborating on a project in 2018, and we chose to do this apprenticeship together as it covers a wide range of learning that will help to support us in our roles.
“Most of the timetable and work for the apprenticeship needs to be completed at the same time, so we’re able to chat about our assignments and find solutions on what we need to include together.”

Josie and Lorraine know the workings of our digital systems inside and out and are the experts on implementing system changes and process improvements at Magna. Josie said:

“I’m very lucky to work with lots of areas of the business, which has meant I’ve had exposure to various projects and challenges which I’ve been able to reference for my portfolio.
“The team and wider colleagues have been really helpful in supporting me with my apprenticeship, especially if I’ve needed any feedback. It’s been hard getting back into studying - it’s a long time since I was in school!”

Starting an apprenticeship while in full-time work can be daunting, but continuing your learning and development journey can help you to progress in your career. Josie and Lorraine are making it work and having each other and their colleagues for support has provided a great environment for them to succeed. Josie continued:

“We all have a responsibility for our personal development. This might not always mean a specific course or qualification, but just spending time with another team or an online webinar in something relevant to your role and interests.
“Being embedded in a role and applying relevant learning over the top allows you to apply the learning immediately. It’s hands-on experience, backed up with a qualification at the end of it.”

Lorraine continued:

“If you’re looking to do an apprenticeship alongside your job, make sure that you have enough time to complete the training, and look for a course that links to your current job as being able to provide evidence and proof of your work is vital to passing the course.
“I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, as it can help to support you and make you more confident in your role.”

We’re proud to be able to support colleagues with continuing their learning and development journey while at work to give them the skills they need to progress in their careers.

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