Continuing Learning at Work Week, we’d like you to meet Ruth Studley, a Compliance Officer at Magna who recently finished three different courses alongside her role at Magna.

Ruth used to work in our sheltered housing team and did a Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 2 course learning more about sheltered housing and the wider sector. She recently joined our building safety team and has also been on two fire safety courses as well.

Ruth said:

“The CIH course was mainly to improve my knowledge for sheltered. However, I feel it has given me a far greater understanding of housing as a whole.
“The fire safety courses will hugely benefit me in my current role. I had a fairly basic understanding of fire safety before moving into this role, so the more I can learn, the better!”

As a Compliance Officer, Ruth works as part of a team dedicated to improving customer safety. The team help develop our survey programmes and analyse data to make sure that our customers have a great experience and that our records are accurate.

Ruth continued:

“I found studying tricky at first. However, I found if I was strict with my timekeeping and made sure I put the time aside to finish these courses, it made life a lot easier and more enjoyable.
“My colleagues were great in supporting me and giving me the time I needed to work on both courses. They helped answer any questions I was unsure of.
“I’d definitely recommend doing a course alongside your job. I feel I have a lot left to learn about the building safety side of things. I’ll jump at almost any course or training I can get my hands on!”

Michael Upton, Learning Experience Designer at Magna, helps support our colleagues to find training courses that are right for them. He said:

“This year's campaign theme is Learning Power. It explores how continual learning gives us power to change, grow and achieve our individual, team, and organisational goals.
“This year’s theme represents what I love about learning at work and how empowering any form of learning can be. It gives colleagues the power to shape their own future and influence change here at Magna.
“The power of growth achieved through learning is so rewarding and it's not necessarily paired with achieving a learning objective. Growth in learning can come from mistakes as well. While they can be tough to take at times, there's learning and growth to come from setbacks when addressed properly.
“I'm privileged to have the opportunity to discuss continued learning and development with our colleagues. I'm blown away by the commitment to learning at work shown by all our colleagues and the positive impact it has not only them as individuals but also Magna as an organisation.”

We’re proud to be supporting our colleagues in learning new skills alongside their full-time roles.

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